Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord

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  • Simple and safe operation
  • No-hassle design
  • Attaches easily
  • Expands to more than 20'
  • Unlike rope, will not jerk your watercraft or you
  • Stay safe and dry launching your boat alone
  • Great for ramps with "no power" laws

The patented Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord makes solo watercraft launching easier than you've ever experienced. The no-hassle launch cord, made of premium elastics, uses automatically adjusting tension when you back your boat, jet ski, or tow tube into the water, so it won't jerk your watercraft around when you pull the trailer forward. Expandable to more than 20', the Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord attaches in just 3 steps. Fasten a hook to your boat, connect a steel ring to the winch, and lock the winch. You're ready for the smoothest watercraft launching on the water.

Endorsed and used by professional angler Timmy Horton. Used by the majority of BASS and FLW fishing professionals.

SKU Product Name Packaged
ZL-10-DP Z-LAUNCHTM - 10' Length, Boats to 16' ZL-10-DP
ZL-15-DP Z-LAUNCHTM - 15' Length, Boats to 17' to 22' ZL-15-DP
ZL-20-DP Z-LAUNCHTM - 20' Length, Boats 23' to 35' ZL-20-DP


  1. Attach the spring loaded clasp to the Eye hook of your watercraft
  2. Attach the stainless steel ring to your trailer winch hook. (We recommend pulling out approximately 2-3 feet of your winch belt before locking the winch)
  3. Lock your trailer winch

After steps 1, 2, and 3 are complete, detach all safety and tie down straps from your trailer to prepare your boat for launch. Slowly back your trailer and boat into the water until boat floats backwards. Slowly pull vehicle forward. This will cause the Z-LAUNCH™ cord to expand as well as pull your boat towards the ramp. As the craft comes to rest at the boat ramp, continue to pull vehicle forward until trailer is clearly out of the water. Now you can detach the Z-LAUNCH™ cord by releasing the trailer winch and unsnapping the ring and clasp from the trailer and watercraft. Secure your boat to the dock or shore and park your vehicle.


  • Available Lengths: 10' (Boat to 16'), 15' (Boats to 22'), 20' (Boats to 35')
  • Connectors: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Works great, get the next size up.

I just wish I had gotten the longest one even though I did get the right one for my boat size according to the chart. You have to let out quite a bit of the boat strap from your winch. If you get a longer one you won't have to do so much of that.

Sterling H.

While I am very excited about all of my new equipment form T-H Marine and excited about getting to use all,I have yet to get my NEW PHOENIX BASS BOAT! The boat is still being rigged and prepped at the Dealership. I will send another REVIEW,once I have the opportunity to put all to work.
Sincerely Sterling H.

nick d.
Launch cord

Getting a knee replacement and these things are great for a dog leash that the dog can’t take me down, very funny actually, the dog runs till the cord stops him, then bam! Back the dog comes , my third one

James M.

Great product

Don B.
Good for some applications

Launching boat it is fine to bet off trailer. Elasticity makes it challenging to position boat if walking it to dock.

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