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For as long as there have been bass boats, a dead battery has been a fisherman's worst nightmare. You either had to wait for a rescue, hobble back to the dock with your trolling motor or hassle with the jumper cables or jump box. On top of all the frustration, you probably missed the weigh in and possibly even lost fish.

Well that is no longer a problem with Tournament Saver Pro Elite. Never worry about missing the tournament or ruining your day on the lake because of a dead battery. With Tournament Saver Pro Elite, you no longer have to leave your seat to fix a dead cranking battery. Just hit the button, start the engine and you are off to your next fishing hole or heading to the weigh in.

The system was developed by Brian and Eric Wendeborn who each have more than 30 years of fishing experience behind them, including tournament fishing. They knew that something had to be done to make a dead battery less of a headache. Well, one thing led to another and now we have the Tournament Saver Pro Elite system. The unit is safe for your boat and your motor and is extremely easy to install and use.

Tournament Saver Pro Elite is now available through this website and through select dealers. The unit is ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. Get your today and don't ever worry about a dead battery again.

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Customer Reviews

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Tony M.
It works

It’s saved my butt a couple of times . It is a good accessory to have on a boat

James D.
Tournament saver pro

Haven't had to use it at this point but I'll never miss a weigh-in again witch happened with a heavy bag of fish. By time I got my jumper cables to work good with connections I was late. Thanks for the neat product.

Don P.
Great Idea

Running 2 ten inch Solix, live well [timed], tilt, jack plate bilge pump, my solix hit 11v and shut down, after 4-6hrs trolling without starting main engine...Witch now would not start!

Once was enough for me,,, Tournament Saver Pro was easy enough for 70 yr old to install...hope I never need it.

Tournament saver pro

The tournament saver pro was easy to install and gives me that sense of security that I am going to make it back for weigh in awesome product

Tournament Saver Pro

I haven't had to use this yet, but knowing it's there is a big relief.

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