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Our manifold system is adaptable to many applications. The wide range of fittings available allow the boat builder or consumer to plumb many varying outlets to one drain, or one source to many outputs. These molded manifold parts do not need electrical bonding. These components are much less expensive than the brass alternatives. Great for attaching to pump outlets or seacocks.


  • Molded of glass filled polymer
  • Less expensive than brass
  • Great for pump outlets and seacocks
  • Easily connect many water outlets

Manifold Tee Fitting- this is the base body of our system, all other fittins connect to these manfiold bodies to create your custom manifold system. Available in four national pipe thread sizes (3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2") to accomodate multiple flow rates needed.

Straight barb adapter fittings- these "tailpipe" fittings work to adapt a hose barb connect hose to the manifold. They can also be used with seacocks and ball valves with female threads (FNPT) to connect to a hose. Adapts MPT thread to hose barb. Five sizes available.

Nipple fittings- these male national pipe thread fittings allow you to connect to female pipe thread products together. Perfect for attaching seacocks to our manifold tee bodies. Four sizes available.

Reducer thread fittings- the adapters allow you to neck down a larger female pipe thread outlet to a smaller femal pipe thread outlet; therefore, allowing you to connect smaller male pipe thread apparatus. These work grreat for connect many marine water pump outlets to our manifold system. Available in three sizes.

90 Degree Elbow Fittings- the 90 degreee elbow female pipe thread to hose barb adapters allow more convenient connection of hoses to the manifold tee, a ball valve, or a seacock. Adapts MPT thread to hose barb. Three sizes available.

Application photos below: (pump/seacock/nipple), (seacock to main drain), (dual pump to intake)

SKU Product Name Packaged
MS-3TT34 "T" Fitting - 3 Way 3/4" FNPT MS-3TT34-DP
MS-3TT100 "T" Fitting - 3 Way 1" FNPT MS-3TT100-DP
MS-3TT112 "T" Fitting - 3 Way 1-1/2" FNPT MS-3TT112-DP
MS-3A1234 Adapter Fitting - 1/2" MPT to 3/4" Barb MS-3A1234-DP
MS-3A10034 Adapter Fitting- 1" MPT to 3/4" Barb MS-3A10034-DP
MS-3A34 Adapter Fitting - 3/4" MPT to 3/4" Barb MS-3A34-DP
MS-3A38 Adapter Fitting - 3/8" MPT to 3/8" Barb MS-3A38-DP
MS-3A100 Adapter Fitting - 1" MPT to 1" Barb MS-3A100-DP
MS-3A11434 Adapter Fitting - 1-1/4" MPT to 3/4" Barb MS-3A11434-DP
MS-FPT38 Adapter Fitting- Straigh Drain, 3/8" Hose Barbs fits T-HStainless Steel Cup Holders MS-FPT38-DP
MS-3A112 Adapter Fitting- 1-1/4 MPT to 1-1/2" Barb MS-3A112-DP
MS-3M100 Nipple Fitting - 1" MPT to 1" MPT MS-3M100-DP
MS-3M114 Nipple Fitting - 1-1/4" MPT to 1-1/4" MPT MS-3M114-DP
MS-3RB10034 Reducer Fitting - 1" MPT to 3/4" FPT MS-3RB10034-DP
MS-3RB11434 Reducer Fitting - 1-1/4" MPT to 3/4" FPT MS-3RB11434-DP
MS-3RB11234 Reducer Fitting- 1-1/2" MPT to 3/4" FPT MS-3RB11234-DP
MS-3EL1234 Elbow Fitting - 1/2" MPT to 3/4" Hose Barb MS-3EL1234-DP
MS-3EL34 Elbow Fitting - 3/4" MPT to 3/4" Hose Barb MS-3EL34-DP
MS-3EL100 Elbow Fitting - 1" MPT to 1" Hose Barb MS-3EL100-DP


Standard Pack:
OEM - Bulk 50/Box

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