HydroWave H2 Mounting Bracket



Not everyone wants to mount their HydroWave speaker onto their trolling motor. In fact, our very own Mark Courts loves his HydroWave Speaker mounted on the transom while trolling for walleye.That's why we created the HydroWave speaker transom mounting bracket --so you can mount your HydroWave speaker without having to use your trolling motor.

For additional mounting options for your HydroWave itself, you can order a HydroWave Unit Mounting Bracket. Made from durable plastic, this new mount is designed to last a lifetime.Italso hasgrooves for HydroWave thumb screws to slide in, allowing the angler to leave the screws in the unit vs. removing them completely to take the unit off.

Package Contents:
- Mount
- 2 Thumbscrews

Customer Reviews

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KVD Hydrowave2 transom mounting.

Ran into the same issue that a previous Reviewer left. Cable for the speaker is too short to mount on long boats if you want the control head at the bow and the speaker on the transom. This is needed as some of the modern trolling systems do not have room to mount the speaker. I have searched info on the net to no avail as to the type of 4-pin bayonet plug to fashion an extension cable without cutting the speaker cable. If anyone has the 4pin plug type Male/Female, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, the unit is another great tool in the boat for anglers. Granted I'm not doing lab tech studies on the Hydrowave but I've used it and found it does two things. It covers the noise that the boat and all assorted noises make and piques the curiosity of the fish. So that brings them in for a closer look. As far as mounting, if no one has any answers to the plug question, I will splice a marine 4 wire cable into the speaker cable.

John K.
Who knows Middle of the road

Can't use it. I want my hydrowave on the front of the boat so I can use it. I have a Motor Guide Xi5 and there's no way to mount it there and my Skeeter is 20' long and the cord on the hydrowave w/ suggestion to mount on rear will not reach. Going into Red Neck mode to mount and use it. Thanks but no thanks. It is a pretty bracket though! I think I'll put it with my trophy's.

Barry M.
Great Customer Service!!


Good Bracket

Holds the Hydrowave speaker on the transom.

Bill K.
Replacement Bracket

Awesome, no problems

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