HydroWave H2 Walleye Edition



The new HydroWave H2 Walleye Edition Electronic Feeding Stimulator builds on the success of the original HydroWave and now offers several key new upgrades.

New Additional Features:

- 9 sound patterns
- 5 pre-programmed delay options (15/30/45/60/120 seconds)
- 16-bit CD quality sound
- 2.5 inch Liquid Crystal Display
- Easy access expansion port for additional sounds
- New, sleek look
- Combined speaker, power cable plug-in

Sounds on the HydroWave H2 Walleye Edition:

1) Shad Passive

2) Shad Frenzy

3) Shad Schooling

4) Perch Passive

6) Perch Bedding

7) Perch Frenzy

8) Crawfish Frenzy


What's in the Box:

- HydroWave H2 Walleye Edition Unit
- 6 foot Power Cable
- Omni-Directional Speaker with 14 foot Cable
- Unit Mounting Bracket
- 18 inch Zip Tie (Qty. 2)
- 8 inch Zip Tie (Qty. 6)
- User Guide Including Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James C.
Hyrowave H2 Walleye Edition

The device works great and is durable. Whether it will attract fish Jury is still out!

Travis C.
I'm sold

My fishing partner has a Hydrowave and at our last tournament we turned it on around noon. Within the next 2 hours we had 4 bass eat our baits at the boat. We were literally about to pull the bait out of the water. It's almost like the Hydrowave was drawing them toward the boat. Coincidence or not I'm sold. If you don't believe me check out this 4lber hit at the boat on

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