Double-Braided Windlass Rope Spliced with Stainless Chain (For Windlass)

SKU: SSDB12-150
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  • Designed for use in all windlass applications; chain is professionally spliced to double braided rope
  • Save money by purchasing a pre-spliced package
  • Inner beaded core maintains rope's round shape and provides better grip avoiding slippage - exclusive to Anchorlift
  • To determine your required rope/chain size, check your windlass manual

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Anchorlift original patented anchor rodes are the ultimate anchor lines made of premium windlass grade double braided 24-plait rope spliced with stainless steel HT G43 windlass chain. The inner beaded core is specially designed to keep the rope's round shape and to provide a better grip avoiding slippage in the gypsy - this is exclusive to Anchorlift. The machine splice between rope and chain allows for smooth running through the bow roller and gypsy which makes this rode kit your best choice for trouble free operation. The double braided black and white design hides dirt and grime.


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