Barracuda Windlass

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  • Sleek low profile design takes up little room on deck
  • Barracuda 600 recommended for boats 20' to 30'; Barracuda 900 recommended for boats 20' to 35'
  • Accepts Chain: 1/4" HT G43; Rope: 1/2" double braided or 8 Plait (all chain or rope/chain rode)
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Includes circuit breaker and stainless steel backing plate

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Anchorlift's Barracuda Windlass is a powerful, compact and easy to install windlass. These Low Profile models take up little space on the deck. They are designed for smooth and silent motor/gear operation under the deck. The deck unit and vertical shaft are made of 316 Stainless Steel. These windlasses feature a highspeed drop of up to 125' per minute, manual free fall with adjustable clutch, and long term trouble-free operation.

Barracuda windlasses work with chain only or a rope/chain combination: 1/4" HT G43 chain and 1/2" double braided or 8 plait rope.

The Barracuda 900 has a larger diameter shaft and larger gearbox for more strength and power than the 600.

Circuit Breaker
Barracuda 600: 80 Amp (90080), included
Barracuda 900: 100 Amp (90100), included

Switches Required for Installation
Rocker Switch (90801) and optional Footswitch (90900B), sold separately

Included With Purchase
Windlass Head Unit, Motor, Gear Box, Solenoid, Circuit Breaker, Handle, Mounting Template and Installation Quick Guide


AnchorLiftWindlass Installation Quick Guide
AnchorLift Barracuda Mounting Template
AnchorLift Barracuda 600 Dimensions
AnchorLift Barracuda 900 Dimensions
AnchorLift Windlass Maintenance
AnchorLift Exploded View of Windlass
AnchorLift Barracuda 600 Comparison Chart
AnchorLift Barracuda 900 Comparison Chart

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