6" Zamak Cleat

SKU: BE-HA-54034-DP


The T-H Marine 6" Zamak Cleat is a durable and reliable docking and mooring solution for boats of all sizes. The cleat is crafted from high-quality Zamak material, providing exceptional corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability, making it an ideal option for use in harsh marine environments. The cleat's classic design is both functional and stylish, featuring a sturdy base and two mounting holes for secure installation. The 6" size of the cleat makes it suitable for use with smaller boats or as a secondary cleat for larger vessels. 

The T-H Marine 6" Zamak Cleat is easy to install and provides a reliable and secure anchor point for your boat, ensuring that it stays in place when moored. Whether you're upgrading your boat's cleats or installing new ones, the T-H Marine 6" Zamak Cleat is an excellent option that combines durability, functionality, and style to provide a reliable and stylish mooring solution for your boat.


  • Chrome plated Zamak dock cleat
  • 6" long
  • Sold individually

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