CMC Transom Wedges - 2 degree

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CMC Transom Wedges and Setback Spacers (Item #20122)

These 2 degree wedges are designed to give extra positive or negative trim.


  • Used as an aid for boats with an insufficient transom angle or for boats having planing problems at low speed
  • Unique design of the CMC Transom Wedges allows you to also use them as set back spacers
  • Simply stack and invert 2, 4, and 6 sets (sold in sets of two)
  • Fit all Transom jacks, jack plates, Outboard lifts, tilt trim units, and outboard motors with a standard B.I.A bolt pattern
  • Made of strong 6061 T6 alloy aluminum (not cast aluminum)
OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
20122 CMC, Transom Wedges / Setback Spacers

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John P.
Wedge effect on my boat

I bought a “performance” aluminum hull to access waters mainly for hunting and fishing. What I soon learned is that often you can’t just put an outboard on these boats and get a good ride. Even with an adjustable jackplate, tilt and trim, and having a prop shop add “cup”, my boat porpoised (at full throttle) when I had a passenger. I found out several people used wedges to give additional “negative” trim, slightly changing the motor angle, an enhancing performance. In the context of setting up a boat and motor, the cost of wedges is minor so I thought I’d give the 2 degree a try. I chose the CMC 2 degree wedges because they are machined from an aluminum billot, fit standard outboard bolt pattern, and can be used for additional negative or positive trim angle (installed thick part up or down). Another big consideration was that the CMC wedge design (length) did not extend beyond the length of my jackplate. I’m pleased to say after installation I can trim (at wide open throttle) for a smooth ride, with or without an additional person on board. I didn’t lose or gain speed, had no negative effect on hole-shot, but it was enough adjustment to enhance performance. Well worth the price and easy to install (if you have a hoist).

Fred S.
boat porpoise issue

put the 2 degree plates in between boat transom and motor transom gave me enough angle to eliminate porpoising... Easy Mounting, nice product!

John M.

Helped snap nose down for a better holeshot!

Robert S.

I bought these hoping to get more lift but didn’t see any change other than losing 4mph. That is if I have them installed correctly. I have the thick part of wedges to bottom of motor. May try to play with height to see what happens. This is the reason for three stars. Purchase was easy and shipping was fast.

James R.
Great seller and a great product

My Allison XS2003 with a 300XS did not want to come out of the hole easily. I used one set of shims to give me more negative trim and it helped quite a bit, so I bought a second set and stacked them. It comes out of the hole like a Cheetah now [not even a bounce] and I still have plenty of up trim left.

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