Pump Up the Jams: How MLF Pros are Getting in the Zone to Fish Lake Norman

Pump Up the Jams: How MLF Pros are Getting in the Zone to Fish Lake Norman

February 27, 2023

Even if tournament mornings start hours before the sun rises, anglers need to do whatever way they can to get up and get ready. Music tends to be a big part of that, and a pretty fun part, too. With the video and recap list below, take a peek with us at how some of the top MLF Pros will be jamming out in preparation for Redcrest on Lake Norman.

What the Pros are Listening to for Lake Norman

Classics, several surprises, and a solid variety of choices; we have to admit that we couldn't have predicted all these answers. Here's what to expect pumping through the speakers for some of the top pros fishing Redcrest at Lake Norman.

"Tournament morning at Redcrest, what's going to be on my radio? It's going to be one of two things: it's either going to be Morgan Wallen or something a little old school with Three 6 Mafia."
— Jordan Lee

"Blackfoot, 'Train, Train'. Probably rocking out old school."
— Wesley Strader

"I'll probably be listening to some reggae. I don't even know the names of the songs; I'll just push play and let it roll."
— Justin Lucas

"I'll be liable to have anything from Korn to a little bit of Creedence. There ain't no telling what we're going to have."
— Bryan Thrift

"What I'll be listening to is 'A Country Boy Can Survive' by Hank Williams, Jr."
— Any Morgan

"It's definitely going to be Kendrick Lamar."
— Mark Daniels, Jr.

"I listen to a little bit of rap, you know. I really do old rap, too, like '90s rap — that's the good stuff."
— Brent Ehrler

"Luke Bryan is one of my favorites, and I like country music. I also love Metallica, but I'll probably be listening to the NASCAR Channel on Satellite Radio. I have a lot of NASCAR buddies in there and the racing season just kicked off recently, so I'll definitely be following a little bit of NASCAR as well. Got ya with that one!"
— Kevin VanDam

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