Game-Changing Placements for LED Boat Lights

Game-Changing Placements for LED Boat Lights

January 23, 2023

Personal preference can drive quite a few decisions with LED boat lights, but there are several options that are tried and true for everyone who’s interested in leveling up their vessel. With this post, we’re reviewing those options and why they’re a must for any boater.

Adding Compartment Lights

When you add compartment lights, it provides you with two key advantages: 1) easy viewing of tackle and gear you have stowed away and 2) helpful illumination for any rigging you need to get done on your boat.

In many ways, it's a lot like having closet lights and work bench lights built into your boat. When you put them in place, you can see what baits or supplies you have stashed away and you can easily tie a bait on, adjust hooks, or do whatever you need to do during times of low visibility.

Using Cyber Lights as Reverse Lights

Early mornings and late nights can provide quite a challenge when you're putting it in reverse and trying to see around your hitch, trailer, and the environments behind you. Your tail lights and factory reverse lights will help a bit but it's usally nominal at best, so we're seeing an increasing number of people adding Cyber Lights from Blue Water LED. This is usually done in one of two configurations (though some boaters like to employ both).

Your first option involves a standard kit that we've made available for installing at the hitch. This Cyber Light Receiver Kit installs easily and the lights are rated for up to immersing into water at the ramp (for up to 30 minutes). Most importantly, they will provide powerful reverse lights right at the back of your vehicle, illuminating your trailer, your boat, and at least some of the scene behind that. That light will, however, be at least partially obstructed by your boat and trailer, but it may be all you need.

With the second option, you can directly mount and install lights at the back of your trailer (using either Cyber Lights without the hitch kit or LED Trailer Reverse Lights that are also rated for up to 30 minutes of immersion into the water at the ramp). This will help you illuminate what's behind your boat and trailer, giving you a better look at whatever you can see in your mirrors or as you look out your side window. Wiring and mounting for this setup is usually a little more advanced, but it's often something a weekend DIYer can handle.

In both cases, these setups will save you a lot of hassle when you’re trying to head out and drop in without any headaches along the way.

Upgrading Your Boat Trailer with a Trailer Light Kit

By adding a trailer light kit and considering other lighting improvements, the obvious upgrade is how great it looks and how customized you can get with your choices, but there are other important benefits to consider, too.

Some of our favorites include how easy it is to hit your target when pulling the boat in onto the trailer and increased visibility when pulling the boat behind you down the road. Either way, trailer lights and kits are and excellent upgrade worth considering.

Illuminating Interior Edges and Footpaths

Missteps and unseen hazards can cost you fish and sometimes much more. For one of the best ways to avoid such an accident, illuminate the edges of the boat, the bow, the gunwales, steps, and other important places.

Courtesy lights and rock lights are great, versatile options for most of your needs in this regard, but flex lights are another easy and effective option to install in select spaces, especially around the gunwales.

Tested and Trusted LED Boat Lights from Blue Water LED

Blue Water LED lights have long been regarded as some of the best lights on the market and you don’t have to look long to see why. As part of T-H Marine, you can trust them to continue to be some of your best options for the applications above, and they’re backed up by rugged quality and a lifelong warranty, too.