CMC Transom Wedges - 2 degree

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CMC Transom Wedges and Setback Spacers (Item #20122)

These 2 degree wedges are designed to give extra positive or negative trim.


  • Used as an aid for boats with an insufficient transom angle or for boats having planing problems at low speed
  • Unique design of the CMC Transom Wedges allows you to also use them as set back spacers
  • Simply stack and invert 2, 4, and 6 sets (sold in sets of two)
  • Fit all Transom jacks, jack plates, Outboard lifts, tilt trim units, and outboard motors with a standard B.I.A bolt pattern
  • Made of strong 6061 T6 alloy aluminum (not cast aluminum)
OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
20122 CMC, Transom Wedges / Setback Spacers

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James R.
Great seller and a great product

My Allison XS2003 with a 300XS did not want to come out of the hole easily. I used one set of shims to give me more negative trim and it helped quite a bit, so I bought a second set and stacked them. It comes out of the hole like a Cheetah now [not even a bounce] and I still have plenty of up trim left.

Robin S.
Atlas jack-plate and CMC 2-degree Transom wedges

Great company that provides great service. The Atlas jack plate is awesome. This is my second boat in which I installed one on and there the best , No problems, Always works and Really improves the hull performance and shallow water operation. The 2-DEG wedges I used to provide a little more positive lift for increased top end. T-H Marine is the only company that had these available.

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