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CMC Power-Lift Hydraulic


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CMC Hydraulic Power-Lift Transom Jacks

Features Of Patented Hydraulic Power-Lift® (U.S. Patent 4,482,330):

Made of 6061 T6 alloy aluminum extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners. Ideal for fresh or salt water use. No welds or castings to break.

The dependable, self-contained and water proof hydraulic actuator has a maximum lifting capacity of 7853 pounds of thrust. More than any other transom jack. You will have no problem lifting even a V-6 300 hp max. motor at full throttle.

The hydraulic actuator is mounted inside the structure of the Power-Lift, yet it is fully accessible without removing the engine. There are no hoses to contain, nor will you have to contend with mounting a pump and reservoir inside your boat, as is the need with other transom jacks. The hydraulic actuator is completely self-contained with its own fluid reservoir (eliminates the need for hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat). It contains a permanent magnet motor for more power and constant torque. The cylinder within the actuator has twice the lifting capacity than other transom jacks on the market. It contains a no-leak seal and wiper that keeps dirt and water out of the working parts. The system is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it impervious to saltwater and freshwater.

The patented roller design means less friction, longer wear, less maintenance, and virtually no binding problems which are common with other transom jacks. The roller assembly contains a stainless steel 3/4" pin with aluminum-bronze alloy rollers. The roller is highly impact resistant, corrosive resistant, and has a high load carrying capacity. This patented design virtually eliminates any chance of binding which is common with other transom jacks.

The PL-65 is rated for V-6 motors and smaller and gives you 5" of vertical travel with 1-1/2" of adjustment on the motor bracket and 1-1/2" of adjustment on the transom bracket. A total of 8” of possible adjustment. It also can be purchased with stainless steel motor rails, Model PL-65SS (for V-8 motors 300 HP MAX).

High Speed Version available here 

OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
65001 CMC, PL-65 hydraulic jack plate, 5 1/2", with gauge
65002 CMC, PL-65 hydraulic jack plate, 5 1/2", without gauge 
65501 CMC, PL-65HD, 5 1/2", with gauge HP Rating 400
65502 CMC, PL-65HD, 5 1/2" without gauge HP Rating 400
61001 CMC, PL-65 hydraulic jack plate, 10", with gauge
61002 CMC, PL-65 hydraulic jack plate, 10", without gauge

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