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Mr. Crappie HydroWave Expansion Module


The Mr. Crappie HydroWave Expansion Module has eight crappie fishing sounds that is custom designed for all techniques with true crappie strikes and schools of shad busting the water!


1. Vertical Structure

2. Tight Lines

3. Spider Rigging

4. Power Trolling Frenzy

5. Busting Shad

6. Brushpile Magic

7. Bait Balls

8. Finesse


How to use:


1. Locate the expansion module card slot on the bottom of the HydroWave head unit. 

2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws and plastic cover

3. Gently insert the expansion module into the slot

4. Secure module using new HydroWave screws (included)

5. The additional sounds will now appear in the sound menu

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