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2-Way Boat Alarm System - Two-Way Boat Alarm


2-Way Boat Alarm System / Two-Way Boat Alarm System

Protects your Boat and Valuable Equipment from Theft

  • Shock Sensor Detects Intruders
  • Alerts you up to 3000 Yards when Activated
  • Two Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & Vibration
  • Up to 3000 Yards Response and 1000 Yards Transmit
  • 128 db Alarm Horn
  • Waterproof Main Engine
  • Shock Sensor with Sensitivity Adjustment
  • To adjust sensitivity just hold unlock button down until it chirps then hit lock button to adjust the sensitivity level.  Factory default is level 3 with 5 being the most sensitive.  Hit the unlock button when you hear 4 chirps you are in level 4 and 5 chirps is level 5 which is the most sensitive then hit unlock button to save.
  • Easy Installation


OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
TWA-1-DP Two-Way Boat Alarm System – Complete Set  TWA-1-DP
TWAR-1-DP Two-Way Boat Alarm- Additional Remote Control Unit TWAR-1-DP
TWA-DIS-5 Counter Display with 5 Boat Alarm Kits TWA-DIS-5-DP

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