The Next BIG thing in Fishing-GIFT

The Next BIG thing in Fishing-GIFT

April 01, 2024

Today, T-H Marine is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with StarLink satellites to produce our latest in sonar and fish tracking technology. The Global Imaging Fish Tracker or GIFT for short acts like a GPS for fish in whatever lake or stream you fish. The product releases with the tag line “if fishing were any easier, they’d come gift wrapped.”

Jeffery Huntley Jr said, “With the advancement of forward facing sonar, we wanted to explore opportunities to better serve the fishing community and we feel that GIFT does exactly that.”

Similar to a thermal imaging view many people are familiar with from movies and video games, GIFT gives you an aerial view of the body of water you are fishing and shows the heat signature of every fish in the water. The imaging is good up to 100 feet deep and will take all the guess work out of fishing.

“This is going to save me so much time on the water. Now I can just drive directly to the fish, get what I want, and get back home. The only thing that would make this easier was if the fish jumped out of the lake into my boat,” said pro angler Jordan Lee.

Retailing at a subscription price of $3000 a month, GIFT is expected to be popular among new anglers and Hollywood celebrities looking to find a new recreational activity.

The imaging software delivers directly to your phone or device via an app and has service in the lower 48 states as well as Antarctica. T-H Marine have already taken an excess of 10,000 pre-orders and demand is only set to increase with some strategic partnerships on the horizon.

“While there are no plans to integrate with Apple Vision Pro right now, we envision a day where you can be on the water in your boat with your VR headset on looking at the fish through a satellite,” said Huntley. “This really is the beginning of a new era for fishing and we are excited about the possibilities.”

-APRIL FOOLS- GIFT would be cool, unfortunately, it doesn't exist.