Safeguard Your Investment: Why Proper Motor Support is Essential for Trailering Your Boat

Safeguard Your Investment: Why Proper Motor Support is Essential for Trailering Your Boat

February 19, 2024

In the world of boat ownership, it's easy to overlook simple aspects of maintaining your boat's motor, especially during transportation. Here's why supporting your motor while trailering is essential to preserving your investment.

Prevent Potential Damage

Your boat's motor isn't just a mechanical component; it's the powerhouse that propels your days on the water. Neglecting its care during transportation can lead to costly damages. The weight of the motor, coupled with the vibrations of bumpy roads, poses a significant risk without proper support.

During transit, your motor is susceptible to various forms of damage, from the trim motor to the jack plate. Without adequate support, the stress of transportation can compromise these critical components. However, simple and affordable solutions exist to mitigate these risks.

Invest in Piece of Mind

Some form of motor support is a must to avoid potential damage. Whether you choose a trim style support like the T-H Marine Motor Stik or a more traditional lower unit support like this Adjustable Transom Bracket. With easy installation process, either of these options are ideal for alleviating pressure on hydraulic systems and safeguarding against damage.

Additionally, it is recomended to take your protection one step further with some form of steering support, like the T-H Marine Steer Stop. Steering support ensures your motor remains perfectly aligned during transit. By preventing rotation to either side, it protects your steering system and additional motor supports from undue strain. At less than $20, it's a cost-effective solution to a potentially expensive problem.

Your boat's motor is more than just machinery; it's the heart of your marine adventures. Proper support during transportation is essential to safeguarding this vital asset. With affordable and effective solutions like the T-H Marine Motor Stik and Steer Stop, you can ensure your motor arrives at its destination unscathed, allowing you to focus on the joy of boating. Don't let neglect turn your days on the water into a nightmare – invest in motor support and trailer with confidence.

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