Tech Tip #2: Installing The G-Force Handle

November 05, 2012

This is the second episode of our Tech Tips series! Our Tech Tips will feature many of our products and offer advice on installation and maintenance.

G-Force Handle Installation

In this episode, T-H Marine Sales Manager Luke Dunkin shows you how to install our new G-Force Handle on your existing trolling motor.


This is the Official Installation video the T-H Marine Supplies G-Force Handle, endorsed and designed with the help of Gerald "G-Man" Swindle! The G-Force Handle fits most Motorguide and Minn Kota trolling motors. Check out our other great "G-Force" products at


The G-Force™ Handle is a quantum leap improvement in trolling motor replacement rope technology.

As trolling motors become more powerful, complex and heavy, the lift systems from the manufacturers have not kept pace. Too often, fishermen are faced with broken ropes and handles in critical times; especially tournament guys. The G-Force™ Handle solves that problem once and for all. Fits most models and makes. The G-Force™ Handle comes complete with a Velcro hook-n-loop strap to secure the handle to the motor shaft while underway. This product will last and can lift in the most difficult situations.

This trolling motor replacement release & lift system is a rugged, nylon jacketed stainless steel cable with a large, comfortable cushioned grip handle which solves the problem of the cheap lift and release ropes on today's trolling motors. Endorsed by B.A.S.S. Elite Pro "G-Man" Gerald Swindle, this is the last lift & release system you will need to buy.

Our first production run has been completed and the G-Force™ is now available using the BUY NOW function on the product page. Until the shipments make it through the distribution channels to a large number of boating/fishing retailers, this will be the only way to purchase.