T-H Marine Debuts U-Juice™ Body Soak and Natural Skincare for Outdoorsmen

T-H Marine Debuts U-Juice™ Body Soak and Natural Skincare for Outdoorsmen

April 01, 2023

HUNTSVILLE, AL – April 1, 2023 – T-H Marine Supplies, LLC., of Huntsville, Alabama, is announcing the launch of several self-care products tailored specifically for boaters and anglers who spend long days on the water. The product line, called U-Juice™, combines natural skin care science and rejuvenating concepts found in T-H Marine’s popular G-Juice® line of fish care products.

“We definitely enjoy helping customers care for their boats and the fish they catch, but it was time to add something to our catalog that helps people directly, beyond UV and wind protection apparel,” said Jeff Huntley Sr., Chief Executive Officer for T-H Marine. “We believe in ‘customer care’ and this is yet another way to show how we mean that.”

By design, U-Juice™ reverses the damage caused by wind, sun, and rough days on a boat, similar to how G-Juice® restores fish that have been hooked, handled, and out of water.

“In our extensive product development process, we learned that the skin has an absorption rate of 60-70%,” said Luke Dunkin, who led the project as Vice President of Sales and as an aspiring dermal scientist. “This gave us the perfect chance to offer something unique for the well-being of boaters and anglers: a rejuvenating soak that restores the skin, provides essential electrolytes, and relieves stress.”

“There’s a lot to love about U-Juice™ and it couldn’t be any easier to use,” Bass fishing pro angler Gerald Swindle said. “It’s a must for me, especially because it requires no effort to mix and won’t clump up in my ice baths like granulated bath mixes do. Even better, you can quickly tell that it’s working: when you turn blue, your soak is through.”

Though both products have similarities, there are some important differences to note between T-H Marine’s fish care formula and its new natural skincare product. While G-Juice® replaces a fish’s natural slime coat, U-Juice™ hydrates a boater’s skin without the greasy feeling that lotion can leave. Additionally, the G-Juice® formula excludes salts that can be detrimental to a fish in a livewell setting, but the U-Juice™ formula contains salts and minerals that are proven to be helpful in removing toxins from the body. Both replenish electrolytes and both are safe for humans, pets, and aquatic life.

Manufactured as a concentrated formula that is fully water soluble, U-Juice™ will be available in 64oz, 16oz, 8oz, and 1oz bottles. Its components and proportions are largely proprietary, but it does boast of many ingredients that are known for their restorative properties including:

  • Fish oil

  • Omega-47 fatty acids

  • Ancient oats

  • Sea buckthorn oil

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin E

  • Fermented hydrilla from Lake Guntersville

U-Juice™ will launch with two initial blends, one specially-formulated for the salinity of saltwater environments and one formulated for freshwater. Both will be made available in time for Father’s Day 2023, at fishing tackle retailers and outdoor stores nationwide.

“If you love being out on the water and enjoy the formidable scents of pine and gasoline, get you some U-Juice™!” Swindle added. “It’s got what anglers crave!”

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For More Information About U-Juice™ and T-H Marine’s Natural Skin Care for Outdoorsmen

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