T-H Marine Angler John Crews Talks About His Top 20 Finish at Bassmaster Classic

T-H Marine Angler John Crews Talks About His Top 20 Finish at Bassmaster Classic

March 18, 2016

T-H Marine Pro John Crews finished 20th at the Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake. He had 15 bass for a total of 31.13lbs. We had a chance to talk with John this week about the Classic and to get his thoughts on the upcoming BASS Elite Series event at the St. Johns River.

T-H Marine: Congratulations on a great finish at the Bassmaster Classic. Tell us about your practice for the tournament.

John: I had a good prefish. I had an afternoon pattern and had close to 20 pounds the one afternoon that I was actually hooking them.

T-H Marine: Tell us about your pattern.

John: I was running pockets in the dirty water on the lower end of the lake and looking for a certain type of rock and angles on the banks. It was very predictable.

T-H Marine: Did anything change from during practice as the tournament began?

John: The water cleared up a little, but not too much.

T-H Marine: How did you prepare for the tournament before you got to Oklahoma.

John: I did a ton of boat prep since this was my first tournament of the year. I also relined all my rods and had the correct tackle for Grand Lake in my boat. I probably spent 30 hours working on my boat and 20 hours working on my tackle.

T-H Marine: What were your key baits. What rods and reels did you rig these on?

John: During the tournament, the Spro Fat John on a Cashion Square Bill rod caught more keepers than anything. However, the bite changed some on the final day. The Missile Baits Baby Destroyer and Cashion 7’6” Flipping Stick saved the day.

T-H Marine: What pieces of T-H Marine equipment were important to you and why?

John: I always say the Eliminator in dirty water. It really reduces the spooking of trolling motor vibration. It is a must have item.

T-H Marine: Looking ahead to the St. Johns River, what kind of preview can you give us?

John: It should be a great event. It is really starting to warm up there. The spawn will be in full effect. A few other deals will be going but spawners will be the main deal.

T-H Marine: What piece of TH Marine equipment could play the biggest role for you at Hartwell?

John: The Atlas Jack Plate is always important to me on Tidal rivers and where going fast is more important. Getting to a big fish on bed can be a race. That Atlas lets me get my Mercury at the optimal height for speed.

T-H Marine: Thanks John. Congratulations again and good luck at the St. Johns River.

For More Information About Pro Angler John Crews

To learn more about John, his achievements, and his sponsors, visit his website by clicking here. You can also check out his favorite T-H Marine gear by clicking here:

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