Properly Maintaining The Oxygenator™ System

September 25, 2014

The Oxygenator™  by T-H Marine is the industry's leading livewell oxygenation system and is used by anglers all over the world to keep both their day's catch and live bait alive longer. In this edition of Tech Tips, we show you some tips and tricks for properly maintaining your Oxygenator system in your livewell.

The Oxygenator uses a patented process to create 100% pure oxygen from the water itself. Incorporating an extremely efficient system, The Oxygenator separates the water molecules into their elemental parts: Hydrogen and Oxygen. The lighter hydrogen molecules rapidly leave the water and dissipate into the atmosphere. The heavier oxygen molecule remains suspended until it dissolves in the water. In fact, the oxygen bubble is so tiny, it cannot break the surface tension of the water. As a result, the percentage of dissolved oxygen in the water increases dramatically!

As with most other parts on a boat, The Oxygenator needs to be regularly inspected and, if necessary, cleaned to ensure that it stays in top working condition. The Oxygenator is a system designed to be an extremely low-maintenance product. Below are some helpful tips that will make caring for your Oxygenator system much easier and will ensure your unit runs for many trouble-free years:

  • The most common issue with The Oxygenator is light calcium buildup on the mesh cover after hours and hours of use. This can easily be seen once the water is drained from the livewell. To clean this buildup we recommend using The Works toilet bowl cleaner. The Works has the proper acidity level to safely and effectively clean The Oxygenator, is inexpensive and available at a majority of the big box stores.
  • It is recommended - but not absolutely necessary - to empty the livewell between uses. The Oxygenator is always running but only draws power when the unit is covered in water. This means that keeping the emitters dry not only keeps build up from occurring, but also pulls less power from the battery.
  • If there is substantial buildup on the screen, it is OK to use a nylon brush to lightly remove the excess calcium buildup.

As with any T-H Marine Supplies part or accessory, you are welcome to call our tech support specialist if you are having any trouble at all with The Oxygenator. We can be reached on Mon. - Thurs. from 7-5 CST at 256-772-0164. Please give us a call or see for more information on The Oxygenator system.