Learning from the GOAT in a Custom Oyster Boat

Learning from the GOAT in a Custom Oyster Boat

November 10, 2021

You might normally see Andy Morgan in a Bullet Bass Boat. Well, at least when he's not hunting. But in this newest episode of Boats and Pros, Luke Dunkin manages to get his hands on a custom oyster boat and they take it for a spin on the Tennessee River.

So, did they find any oysters? Was Andy overly cautious when he got the life jackets and asked Luke if the boat's drain plugs were in? You'll just have to watch the video to find out!

This Episode's Ride: Shayne Mccallie's Custom Oyster Boat

This week's ride is a beautiful, custom oyster boat called the "Half Shell". It's a reconstructed, working oyster boat from Apalachicola, Florida (just southeast of Panama City).

The Half Shell is manufactured from solid wood and features a wooden cockpit, dressed with teal paint and a wooden steering wheel. It served its second life as an eco tour boat in Apalachicola Bay, but it's now become the perfect vessel for a Sunday cruise around any body of water.

Video Preview: Our Top 5 Questions Answered by Andy Morgan

There was quite a bit to unpack in this episode of Boats and Pros, but that's no surprise with a top-performing angler who started young and was so driven with his goals in the angling world. As a little teaser for the variety of topics that are covered in this episode, here are five of our favorite questions that get answered.

  1. The Title of GOAT: Who gave Andy Morgan the title of GOAT and how did it happen?
  2. An Oyster Boat?! How in the world did Luke find a Custom Oyster Boat on the Tennessee River?
  3. Gamey Food: What does a hunting pro like Andy think when someone says some wild-caught food is "too gamey"?
  4. How to Elevate Your Fishing Game: Who can teach you the most in a competitive environment and who made Andy Morgan elevate his game the most in the last 5 years?
  5. Connection to an NFL Hall-of-Famer: What NFL Great did Andy talk with when being inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Whether you're sitting back and enjoying the chance to listen in on the conversation with Andy, you're trying to absorb some noteworthy advice from accomplished pros like him, or you're preparing for some "T-H Trivia" that may come about later on (hint, hint), we're sure you'll enjoy this video like we did.

Questions? Boat Ideas? Tennessee River Oyster Tips?

If you have questions, ideas for boats that should be featured in Boats and Pros, or maybe even tips for finding oysters in the Tennessee River, be sure to comment on the page for this YouTube video or our promo post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!