GovX Public Service and Military Discounts: Thanking Those Who Serve

GovX Public Service and Military Discounts: Thanking Those Who Serve

August 22, 2022

When we learned about GovX Public Service and Military Discounts, we knew we had to learn more.

Then, the more we learned, the more we knew we had to get on board. Not only could we be part of a program that streamlines the provision of military discounts, we learned that GovX is designed to work with businesses like ours and they’re dedicated to supporting nonprofits who provide assistance to community members who need it.

It’s a win-win-win.

T-H Marine Connections to Public Service

Like most who will read this, many on our team have parents, siblings, spouses, children, and dear friends who have served our country and our communities in some capacity. And, as a company, we’ve been fortunate to have extraordinary veteran employees as well.

In our home office alone, we are proud to employ eight veterans who have made a lasting impression on us and there are even more across our growing list of subsidiaries. Their positive impacts will forever influence how much we revere those with servant-hearts and we’re glad to join with those who can amplify that gratitude.

GovX Public Service and Military Discounts

What GovX Does

There are three main branches to GovX’s scope as an organization: provide a robust connection between those who’ve served and brands who offer value, power universal access to discounts with the GovX ID verification program, and dedicate a growing number of resources to give back to nonprofit organizations that serve those who’ve served.

GovX also has a broad range of individuals they verify and benefit. This includes all of the following:

  • Military Members: Current and former members of the U.S. Military, including active duty, Veterans, reservists.
  • Military Families: Military families including spouses and children.
  • Firefighters & EMS: Current and former federal, state and local fire and emergency responders.
  • Law Enforcement: Current and former federal, state and local law enforcement.
  • Medical: Medical pros including doctors, nurses, EMS and EMT's.
  • Government: Federal, state and local government employees.
  • Teachers: Teachers at all levels including college, high school, grade school and elementary school.

From public service and military discounts to sponsorship checks written for a wide variety of organizations and causes, we’re excited to contribute to what GovX is doing.

Get Public Service and Military Discounts and Put Them to Work

There are a broad variety of awesome brands that are part of GovX’s Public Service and Military Discounts program, including a bunch of peers in the sports and outdoors industry. We hope ours earns the business of readers like you, along with the people you might refer, but even if that’s not the case, we’re proud to spread the word about the program, its benefits, and the generosity of their community-giving.

Sign up here for GovX savings or if you’re already a member, click below to see products that may qualify for a discount.