Fishing-Tournaments-How-To: Registering for Atlas Awards and Submitting Claims

Fishing-Tournaments-How-To: Registering for Atlas Awards and Submitting Claims

January 30, 2023

Atlas Awards now pays more, has an easier system for submitting claims, and is dedicating funds to the cause of conservation. There's truly never been a better time to join, but if you need a closer look at the revamped program before you make it a part of your strategy for fishing tournaments, here's what you need to know so you can get set up and get paid using the new and improved system we've put in place.

Step 1: Join Atlas Awards

The best place to start is at the beginning, or so the saying goes, so here's how you can begin your Atlas Awards membership. No worries if you’re still waiting on your boat, your rigging projects, or the weather, too — these simple steps can be checked off your to-do list in advance of the next season.

  • Bookmark the claims form (you must purchase Atlas Awards first to see the claims form in your account)

Step 2: Complete Your Registration

Once you’re signed up for Atlas Awards, the next steps are all about linking your account to your Atlas Awards Registration, along with photo evidence that you’ve met the criteria, and have met eligibility for each piece of Bonus gear you have.

To complete Step 2, you'll need to:

  • Put your Atlas Awards sticker or T-H Marine decal on your boat (this should arrive with your hat after registering)
  • Get your Atlas Awards logo on your jersey (if you won’t be wearing your Atlas Awards hat to weigh-ins)
  • Take pictures of your jack plate, Atlas Awards / T-H Marine sticker on your boat, jersey logo (if applicable), and any Bonus gear
  • Make note of your Atlas Awards registration number (this is the same as your Atlas Awards Order #)
  • Click the 'Atlas Awards' link in your T-H Marine Account to complete your profile (for this, you’ll want to have your Atlas Awards confirmation number and photos mentioned above)

Once you've handled these sub-items, you're set for the whole season. The first few are small but very important since they help you meet eligibility and the last one puts everything into your Atlas Awards Profile so our team gets an update, reviews what you've submitted, and helps to make sure you're ready to get paid.

Then, each time you submit a claim, you can rest a little easier because your proof of eligibility is already pre-loaded.

Step 3 — Prepare an Atlas Awards Claim and Get Paid

You’ve put in the work and now it’s time to get paid! With photo evidence of eligibility already set up with Step 2 above, this can now be a simple and quick check-in after each of the fishing tournaments you win.

Here's what to do to submit your claim and check the status:

  • Log into your account at T-H Marine.

  • Look for the Claims section on your account page (sometimes this appears below your Order History), and click the 'NEW CLAIM' button.

  • You should now see several new fields for adding Claim information. This is where you enter the information about your tournament win including the Tournament Date, the Sanctioned Tournament List, the Tournament Location (City, State), and a link to the Tournament Results.
  • Lastly, select your preferred method of payment (Check or Store Credit) and then click 'SUBMIT'.

That’s it! You’ll then see the item as pending on your account. When the claim status changes you’ll see it right there.

Atlas Awards FAQs

Do I Need an Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate to Join?

As long as you run a jack plate from T-H Marine, you are eligible for Atlas Awards payouts! Though the top-of-the-line Atlas Jack Plate is our most popular option and the namesake of the program, you’re still eligible if you run another plate from the extended family of our Atlas Jack Plates. This includes Micro Jacker, Z-Lock, and CMC plates.

What if I don’t see my tournament on the Sanctioned Events List?

If you don’t see your tournament, have your tournament director let us know! Going into 2023, we simply started fresh and began with a list of events we sponsor, then sent emails out to other tournaments at the end of 2022. That door is still open though, so we definitely have room to add tournaments that meet our criteria.

Can I add my Registration Number now and update with photos later?

Yes! If you can't add boat photos and Bonus Product proof yet, we recommend adding your Registration number now and revisiting your Atlas Awards profile with photos as soon as you can before submitting your first tournament claim.

Do I Need an Atlas Awards Sticker / Decal on my Boat?

Yes, to be eligible for Atlas Awards you can either have a T-H Marine Decal or Atlas Awards decal on your boat, but you must have at least one of those. And, if you already have the sticker with the old logo, you are still eligible for 2023.

Do you have to have a jersey?

Like previous years, you can either wear a hat or wear a jersey with a T-H Marine or Atlas Awards logo on it.

What are the products that make me eligible for payout bonuses?

Once you meet eligibility requirements for the jack plate, sticker, and jersey (or making sure to wear the hat at weigh-in), you want to make sure you're all set to go with your Bonus gear. Those products can really add up, too, from both the practical advantages they provide on the water to the extra pay you get for them via Atlas Awards.

For additional payouts in 2023, make sure to document if you have any of these products: G-FORCE® Eliminator™, G-FORCE® Conservation Cull System, G-FORCE® Troll Jacket®, GATOR GUARDS® Keelshield, Two-Way Boat Alarm System™, HOTFOOT®, LOC-R-BAR®, TROLL-TAMER®, KONG® Wave Tamer , KVD KONG® Mount , and / or HYDROWAVE®.

Act Now, Before the Fishing Tournaments Start

It's exciting to think about that first launch of the season — that first bite, that first weigh-in, and that first payout. But, before it sneaks up on you, it's a good time to get both your boat and your contingency payout memberships squared away.