A Complete Guide to G-FORCE Performance Fishing Gear

A Complete Guide to G-FORCE Performance Fishing Gear

April 07, 2020

If you love fishing, you may have some G-Force Performance Fishing Gear on your boat, or you've at least seen them on pro angler boats. It's likely you have even heard Gerald Swindle, the G-Man himself, talk about this growing line of awesome products, especially as he has helped develop, test, and promote how to use them. But no matter how familiar you are (or aren't), it always helps to test your knowledge and make sure you have every advantage you need when you head out onto the water. Wherever you are starting with G-Force, this quick guide is designed to help.

Here's the essential run-down of each G-Force product so you can see them all in one place and get information if you're just getting acquainted.

G-Force ELIMINATOR Trolling Motor Prop Nut

Product Summary: The ELIMINATOR helps your trolling motor perform better, longer, and quieter.

The ELIMINATOR Trolling Motor Prop Nut is built to reduce prop noise and vibration and acts as a heat sink. As an added feature that every angler loves, it is also very easy to remove and install and comes in a variety of cool colors.

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G-Force GRASS GOAT Trolling Motor Weed Guard

Product Summary: The GRASS GOAT is an aftermarket cutting-tool for your trolling motor that slices through vegetation and keeps your trolling motor clear of debris.

Featuring a genuine marine grade starboard mounting plate, it also comes equipped with a 316 stainless steel cutting-blade to ensure years of use under the toughest conditions. Incredibly easy to install, the GRASS GOAT comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions that will have you fishing weedlessly in no time, so you can minimize the time you spend dealing with vegetation caught on your trolling motor. 

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G-Force TROLL PERFECT Trolling Motor Control Enhancer

Product Summary: The TROLL PERFECT is a rugged polymer sleeve that provides adjustable tension to control the effects of motor steering torque, high waves, heavy current, and excessive foot pedal play.

The patented TROLL PERFECT clamps over the motor shaft swivel bearing and allows you to easily adjust the tension on your cable steering. By allowing this precision control of your trolling motor, you can instantly adapt to any condition on the water. Having a TROLL PERFECT means less effort, less fatigue, and better fishing.

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G-Force SILENCER Trolling Motor Vibration Pad

Product Summary: The G-Force SILENCER uses small vibration-dampening pads as a simple trolling motor modification that can help extend the life of your investment and improve function.

Custom cut to fit both MotorGuide and Minn Kota trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER creates a soft padded surface on your trolling motor mount that eliminates abrasive metal-on-metal contact. In addition to extending the life of trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER also quiets the harsh “clanking” noise associated with pulling your trolling motor out of the water. Protect your investment with the simple and quick addition of the T-H Marine G-Force SILENCER.

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G-Force EQUALIZER Trolling Motor Lift Assist

Product Summary: The G-Force EQUALIZER is a trolling motor list assist system that reduces the lifting weight of your trolling motor by as much as 50%.

The system consists of two air pistons that attach to almost any MotorGuide Gator Mount to provide effortless lifting in-and-out of the water. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions, drilling template, and marine-grade hardware, the EQUALIZER™ is quick and straightforward to install. A must-have for any MotorGuide owner, the EQUALIZER™ is a great way to offset the added weight of StructureScans and HydroWaves, so your time on the water is as comfortable as possible.

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G-Force 1" Trolling Motor Spacer

Product Summary: Primarily used for early model trolling motors and boats, the G-Force Trolling Motor Spacer helps you get just the right mounting fit for your trolling motor.

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G-Force TROLL JACKET Trolling Motor Cable Organizer Sleeve

Product Summary: The G-FORCE TROLL JACKET is a 2mm neoprene trolling motor wire and cable organizer so you can effectively and simply keep your wires neat and protected.

The TROLL JACKET measures 60” long and includes a velcro closure. While wrapped, the diameter is about 1.5”. When installed, it easily allows you to streamline disorganized bundles of wire and eliminate the need for zip ties along the factory cable cover. The TROLL JACKET can even help contain and protect adjacent wires, like those for your depth finder and HydroWave. Once bundled, they have an additional layer of defense against the elements, hooks, and other potential threats.

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G-Force Trolling Motor Handle & Cable

Product Summary: The patented G-FORCE Trolling Motor Replacement Handle is a rugged and popular handle and cord combination that upgrades your trolling motor’s release and lift system.

The large, comfortably-cushioned grip handle is easy to grab and pull while the stainless steel cable and nylon jacket provide a reliable and rugged solution to the cheap lift and release ropes on today’s trolling motors.

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G-Force Conservation Cull System

Product Summary: The Conservation Cull System is a strong but gentle non-piercing cull system for tournament fish.

Since the Conservation Cull System prevents harm to a fish's jaw, it helps those fish survive being caught in a tournament, allowing them to spawn another day and contribute to preserving fisheries.

The G-FORCE Gen 2 CONSERVATION CULL System, builds on the innovative features found in T-H Marine’s first CONSERVATION CULL System, but it has vastly improved thanks to angler feedback and testing.

Though the primary goal of this cull system is to cause less harm to fish, anglers love how the Gen 2 CONSERVATION CULL System facilitates a faster and better culling process, including a
 simplified grip made for one-handed use.

From the non-piercing clips up to the buoys and the balance beam, this clip provides the unmatched effectiveness, efficiency, and durability that you need during tournaments.

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G-Force Conservation Cull Weights

Product Summary: Conservation Cull Weights clip onto our Conservation Cull Clips, weighing your fish down to help stabilize them without harm.

These weights are an effective way to keep a fish from going belly-up, they make it less necessary to fizz a fish, and they are safer for both the angler and fish.

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Use G-Force Performance Fishing Gear for Practical Advantages

With so many winning anglers who trust the G-Force Line of performance fishing gear, the "secret" of it all really revolves around the advantages that G-Force products provide. From Trolling Motor Prop Nuts to Cull Systems, each practical edge is one that you won't want to fish without.

You can easily shop the whole line by clicking the link below and if you have questions, just let us know!