Boat Rigging DIY: 4 Great Places to Start with Rigging Your Fishing Boat

Boat Rigging DIY: 4 Great Places to Start with Rigging Your Fishing Boat

January 16, 2023

Boat rigging can encompass a wide variety of tasks, including quick customizations, involved installations, and plenty of projects in between. This often means different options, gear, and tools involved for rigging watercraft when they’re used for different activities. Even with fishing boats, different types of boats can mean different rigging, too, however, variation doesn’t have to mean complication. If you have a fishing boat that you’re trying to get rigged up for this upcoming season, here are four great places to start.

1. Rigging at the Bow

When you spend some time rigging at the bow of your boat, it can really prove valuable for both protecting it and cleaning it up. From shielding your keel against harsh surfaces to managing trolling motor wires and electronics, these boat rigging suggestions will help provide a sleek look and protection.

2. Rigging Around Your Console and Interior

You can never have enough hardware, convenient charging, and holding power for your graphs. Inspired by those ideals, these rigging products will make life much easier around your console and all around the interior of your boat.

3. Battery Management

Along with your fuel delivery systems, your battery power provides the lifeblood of your boat. As such, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-connected (terminal kits), protected (right-sized battery trays), and powered (charging and efficient power consumption) so each artery of electricity can deliver the energy you need.

Also, don’t forget to give your boat the means to run batteries efficiently and to keep from draining energy. The best way to do this is by installing a 3-position battery switch. These will give you the option to get power from just one battery or both batteries, and you can also turn it to the OFF position to stop the battery from losing power when not in use.

4. Rigging Your Electrical Connections

Once you have your battery taken care of, you’ll want the power it provides to flow effectively all the way to your lights and electronics. With the right power draw and secure connections, it’s just a matter of tying them up and keeping them out of the way, safe from harm.

Other Top-Rated Gear to Rig Up

When you want to go beyond the basics for boat rigging, it’s a good idea to consider add-ons that can boost your experience on the performance side. Two of our favorites revolve around better outboard control and improvements to your livewell.

For better outboard performance, trimming, and jack plate control right at your fingertips, it’s becoming an industry standard to have the blinker trim control that you get with the FingerFlex. With the FingerFlex, especially the Dual version, you have safer and more convenient control in a blinker-style lever, allowing you to adjust your outboard without taking your hands off the wheel. It’s perfect for a wide variety of boats and rigging it up is largely a matter of following the wiring instructions.

Meanwhile, the Oxygenator Livewell Oxygen Generator is a must for tournament anglers to rig up because it helps keep livewell water breathable. Rigging an Oxygenator is more involved, but when you have one installed (and pair it with G-Juice), you give yourself an even bigger advantage so you can keep fish alive to bite another day and avoid costly tournament penalties.

One Stop Shop for Boat Rigging Gear

You don’t always need to scour the web or sort through the mixed bag of suppliers you’ll see in certain major online marketplaces — we have a one stop shop for your rigging needs right here at T-H Marine! This includes a variety of American-made products (like Gator Guards) and many more parts, sent from our family-owned business right to your boat.