4 of the Best Trolling Motor Upgrades for Under $200

4 of the Best Trolling Motor Upgrades for Under $200

June 12, 2023

More advantages so you catch more fish. That’s how our favorite fishing boat upgrades work and it’s even better when you can easily justify the cost. To help you get that done this week, we’re looking at the bow of the boat and zeroing in on the four best trolling motor upgrades you can get for under $200.

1. The Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut

As many experienced anglers will tell you, one of the best things about the Eliminator Prop Nut is the fact that you can loosen it and tighten it by hand. It’s not just a matter of avoiding tools, either — this saves valuable time during tournaments and it eliminates difficulties when you might need to remove tangled line or weeds that prevent your trolling motor prop from turning freely.

The Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut also provides mechanical efficiencies, keeping your trolling motor balanced, acting as a heat sync, and helping it run quieter.

2. The G-Force Trolling Motor Handle and Cable

You might have bought the best trolling motor, but if it has a factory handle and cable on it, there’s a strong chance you’ll experience a failure with it at some point. Wear and tear takes its toll and, as more equipment and weight are added to these trolling motors, they really need something stronger to pull them up reliably. Thankfully, the G-Force Trolling Motor Handle and Cable is up to the challenge!

As anglers like KVD point out, the G-Force Handle is built with a comfort grip, a length of cable that’s just right, and premium materials that don’t stretch. Even if you’re not ready to replace yours just yet, it’s an excellent upgrade to keep stowed as a replacement for when your trolling motor needs it. Doing this helps prevent having to end your fishing trip early, and that’s worth the cost alone!

3. The Troll Jacket Trolling Motor Cable Sleeve

Trolling motor cables, transducer cords, HydroWave speaker wires… we have quite a few accessories bundled up at our bow nowadays. They all need protection and organization, too, but zip ties, electrical wire, and other disposable rigging solutions make it difficult to swap things out and they aren’t as neat.

The patented Troll Jacket, on the other hand, makes it simple to conceal and protect trolling motor cables. It also excels at keeping boats tidy and organized, while easily removing whenever you need — just pull the velcro hook and loops apart and seal it back up whenever you’re rigged and ready.

4. The Troll-Tamer Trolling Motor Stabilizer

When you pull your trolling motor up onto the deck of your boat and get ready to gun it to the next fishing spot, it’s important to lock it in place so it’s not harmed. This is especially critical if you fish through rough conditions, like choppy lakes and big water.

Troll-Tamer addresses this need with a stainless steel peg and locking mechanism that allows you to pop it into place quickly and easily with equally easy deployment with a nudge from your foot. Unlike many other trolling motor stabilizers, it’s built with materials you can trust and strength to help keep a strong grip, even when you’ve added various accessories to your trolling motor.

The result is a tight hold that reduces jiggle, wiggle, and loose vibration that can damage your trolling motor, mount, hinges, pins, and deck.

Where to Find the Best Trolling Motor Accessories

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