3 Smart and Simple LED Installs for Compartments and Interior Boat Lighting

3 Smart and Simple LED Installs for Compartments and Interior Boat Lighting

April 17, 2023

You might have some great gear stashed away in your boat’s compartments, but can you find it anytime you need it? And when it’s dusk, dawn, or somewhere in between, how easy is it to see so you can rig something real quick after you dug it out? The answers to those questions may be tough if you don't have hands-free, super illumination from adding lights to your storage spaces, but these simple installs are sure to help in those tight spaces and anywhere you need better interior boat lighting.

1. LED Flex Strip Lights

LED Flex Strip Lights are great for any interior boat lighting application and are perfect for storage compartments. With super bright LEDs available in white, blue, green, and red, they provide excellent lighting that’s both durable and completely waterproof. They're also largely unnoticeable when not in use and have a narrow design that’s easy to conceal.

Installation isn’t too hard either; simply slide the lights into mounting tracks and push the low profile ends onto both sides of the track. This is where mounting screws hold them into place and wiring leads allow you to tap into your boat’s power source. Tracks are available in either white or black and you can get lights at 4 inch, 6 inch, and even 12 inch lengths.

2. Slim Line Utility Lights

Although Slim Line lights are shorter in length and may not be as sleek as LED Flex Strip Lights, they provide their own notable advantages. Firstly, they have an ultra clear lens for maximum light. Second, not only can you get them in white, blue, and red, but you can also choose RGBW Slim Line lights as well. Simply add an RGBW remote to choose from a spectrum of colors whenever you like.

With 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch lengths, they can cover a variety of applications and they surface mount easily so you can put them just about anywhere, even on a kayak, tiny boat, or in a compartment where you haven't run electrical rom a power source yet. Just choose the battery operated option and you can skip the step of running electrical down the length of your boat. In either case, you'll be glad that you added them as they provide great light with a low amp draw.

3. Quad Beam Courtesy Lights

Lastly, for interior boat lighting that can fit in with the greatest of ease just about anywhere — even in small compartments or tucked away within just a few inches of space — Quad Beam Courtesy Lights are a must-have.

Many anglers love them because they’re the most economical courtesy light available, but that doesn’t mean they are sacrificing quality. They’re also super durable, waterproof (with an IP68 rating), and have an incredibly long life with a low power draw. Mounting is easy, too, as these 2 inch by 1.5 inch lights can be adhered with 3M adhesive strips or fasteners.

Available in white, blue, green, and red, they are an excellent LED module to add to the mix as you plan out lighting around your boat.

LED Compartment Lights, Courtesy Lights, and More Options for Interior Boat Lighting

Durability, quality, and value — that’s what you can expect from T-H Marine and Blue Water LED and it’s what sets us apart from all the cheap imports on the market. With a whole catalog of lighting options and years spent putting them to the test, it’ll be easy to see why these lights are the primary option for fishing and boating pros across the globe.