Magicgrip Charge3 Qi Wireless Mount Extendo2


The Scosche MGQWDEX2-XTET MagicGrip Extendo Qi wireless mount with automatic sensing adjustable arms charger and Telescoping adjustable arm safely secures to your dashboard, window or any flat surface wit the reusable stick grip suction cup base. Every vehicle and driver are different thatÕs why the Extendo adjusts to perfectly suit each one. The telescoping arm extends/contracts forward up to 8.87Ó with 220-degrees of angle adjustment, so you can move the arm to your desired length. The 360-degree, adjustable head rotates the car phone mount holder to find the optimal viewing angle from any seat. Wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled device with up to 10-Watts of charging power, without using a charging cable plugged directly into the device. The foreign object detection makes sure that charging only activates when nothing is obstructing that area. Simply place your device near the MagicGrip charging coil and watch the arms automatically close to securely grip and charge your device. To remove your device, just gently pull it away from the charging coil area and MagicGrip will sense and open its arms back up. The mount accommodates devices up to 3.5Ó wide. An ambient light sensing LED ring indicates charging and adjusts intensity in light and dark settings. A thermal management gap between the charging head and your device allows heated air to escape, promoting cooler, safer charging for your device. Compatible with your iPhone, Android and most Qi compatible devices. For iPhone 11 devices, place the MagicPlates outside of your case or in between your phone and case.

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