SCOSCHE NEXS10064-ET Full HD Smart Windshield Cam Powered by Nexar with Adhesive Mount and 64GB micro-SD card


The Scosche NEXS10064-ET adhesive smart windshield camera captures important visual evidence of accidents or events right from your vehicle. The 1080P, 140-degree wide angle forward-facing camera with a high definition low-light image sensor lens provides a clear view of objects for capturing the best shots and video in front of the vehicle. Record high quality video at night or in low light with the ultra-low light visibility and high dynamic range. The camera auto starts recording whenever you begin driving and stops as soon as you do. It works in the foreground or background. Use the auto-loop recording feature to seamlessly record new footage over previous footage. Press the capacitive touch ÒeventÓ button to tag and upload significant events. Use 1-Click Accident Reports at the touch of a button to report incidents with detailed evidence of the crash such as (video, speed and force of impact) which you can store on the included, commercial-grade 64GB micro-SD card. You can use micro-SD cards up to 256GB in size. Quickly and securely mount the camera to the vehicleÕs windshield using the (cut-to-fit) adhesive. 3-Axis accelerometer and G-sensor automatically sense and store crucial footage. Includes free storage for significant events and trip data in the Nexar cloud and is compatible with the Nexar safe driving app for iPhones and Android mobile devices. Seamlessly view recordings, events and integrate your GPS, Siri¨ and Google¨ assistant using the Nexar app. Easily connect the camera to internet by pressing the WiFi button. Quick release dock lets you remove the camera from the base and securely store it when not in use. Parking mode records and saves video of incidents and impacts that occur when you (and your phone) are not in your vehicle. Each package comes with a NEXS1 full HD adhesive camera, commercial grade 64GB micro-SD storage card, 24W dual-port (12W each) USB car adapter, 10 ft. 90-degree USB power cable, prep wipes, ties and installation tools. We back this amazing camera by 24/7 Live Tech Support and a 1-year warranty.

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