Scosche OBDII Splitter

By Scosche


The Scosche OBD290Y OBD-II 4" splitter includes a 90-degree angled OBD-II plug for compact wire routing and provides two additional OBD-II ports for adding ODB-II accessories. Quickly and securely mount any new OBD-II ports using the included wire routing accessories. It's compatible with most vehicles with an OBD-II interface by simply a plugging it into the OBD-II port to read from the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It works with: heads-up displays, diagnostic readers, tuning modules, the latest insurance, GPS units and any other application to your vehicle that can save you money and help promote safer driving for you. This OBD-II splitter is backed by Scosche's Lifetime Tech Support and Limited Lifetime warranty.

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