Scosche MagicMountª XL Surface


Quick, Convenient and Hands-Free; the MagicMountª XL is a powerful magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting your tablet and larger devices to the dash in your vehicle or on any flat surface. The powerful rare earth neodymium 2X magnets provide more than double the magnet power than the original MagicMountª. The 2X magnets are 100% safe for modern mobile devices such as tablets and other larger devices. Its cradle-free design eliminates the need to tighten around your device, just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place. The low-profile mount safely attaches to your vehicle's dash using the 3M automotive grade adhesive ensuring for optimal holding power. Utilize the 360-degree magnetic connection to rotate the mounts position seamlessly for viewing your device between portrait and landscape orientation in a snap. Use the protective film to protect your device for easy mounting and removal of the MagicMountª metal plates without damaging your device. The Scosche double-sided magnet mount can be applied quickly in your vehicle, home, office or anywhere that you need your tablet or larger device most!

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