Pontus 908 Ditch Pack™ Emergency Kit for Safety & Survival

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The Pontus 908 Ditch Pack™ is our Level 1 Pack featuring over 100 products. Packed into the lightweight Nanuk 908 waterproof case, it offers products for most emergencies, safety, survival, rescue, and items that are in constant need on board any vessel. The Pontus 908 Ditch Pack uses the top products available in the marketplace should an emergency or survival situation arise. All of our products include free standard shipping in the lower 48 states.

Small leaking hose? No problem there is E-Z Fuse Tape. Blow a fuse? Need hose clamps or a few extra batteries? No matter the situation, we have you covered. Need a good Medical Kit, its included.

Level 1 is recommended for boats under 20 feet. The size of the Pontus 908 Ditch Pack, allows for easy storage in most hatches, helm lockers or even on the inside gunnel wall.

Each Ditch Pack is laid out with ease of access and use in mind. Whether it's on your boat for everyday use or should the worst should happen, and you must separate from your vessel, with this pack, you will be prepared.

Each individual kit in your pack is clearly marked. Each Pontus 908 Ditch Pack will come personalized with your boat name, home port, and vessel registration numbers. The layout guide will provide a detailed road map of your pack's contents and their exact location. Along with the pack, you will receive an Owners kit that will include individual product information, manufacturer's warranty information, and all the small extra parts that come along with the products (i.e. charging cables, instructions if necessary).

Once you have registered your pack with Worldwide Survival Systems will receive timed reminders to charge electronics and replace expired flares and rations.

You can also include a handheld VHF, PLB, EPIRB or Garmin In Reach Sat Phone have on your vessel. We are glad to assist you with any questions that you have.

The Pontus 908 Nano Cases feature:

Nano 330 Signal Kit - 12 items Nano 330 Repair Kit - 31 items Adventure 300 Medical Kit Plus

This Pack Also Includes:

  • Orion Air Horn
  • Whistle, Mirror, Aerial Flares, Dye Markers
  • Signal and Smoke Flares
  • Rescue Streamer
  • Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Fuse Tape, Batteries, Hose Clamps, Fuses and more
  • Medical Kit plus Sun Block, Insect Repellent, Hand Sanitizer, Moist Towelletes
  • Reflective Rope
  • Layout Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years of Reminder and Update emails

Plus, a lot more

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