Oceanus 935 - Emergency Kit for Safety & Survival


The Oceanus 935 Ditch Pack™ features over 180 products. Packed into the lightweight Nanuk 935 waterproof case, it offers products for any emergency including safety, survival and rescue. The Oceanus 935 also includes everyday items that are in constant need on board any vessel. The Oceanus 935 Ditch Pack uses some of the top products available in the marketplace to insure proper function, should a survival situation arise. All of our products include free standard shipping.

The Oceanus 935 Ditch Pack is our Level 3 Ditch Pack and recommended for boats 26 to 34 feet long

This Ditch Pack features products from:

Princeton Tec, Ritchie, Orion, Ikaros, S.O.G., RHEOS, Rite in the Rain, Hoorag, Adventure Medical, Standard Horizon, ACR, Cyalume, and others.

Each Ditch Pack is laid out with ease of access and use in mind.  Whether it’s on your boat for day use or the worst should happen, and you must separate from your vessel, with this pack, you will be prepared.

The Oceanus 935 arrives in a lightweight, watertight case with wheels from Nanuk PlastiCase. Each individual kit in your pack is clearly marked and stored, either in Nanuk Nano Case. Each Oceanus Ditch Pack will come personalized with your boat name, home port, and vessel registration numbers. The waterproof laminated layout guide will provide a detailed map of your pack’s contents and their exact location. Along with the pack, you will receive an Owners kit that will include individual product information, manufacturer’s warranty information, and all the small extra parts that come along with the products (i.e. charging cables, instructions).

Once you have registered your pack with Worldwide Survival Systems will receive timed reminders to charge electronics and replace expired flares and rations.

The Oceanus 935 Nano Cases feature:

Repair Kit – 32 items                       Signal Kit – 12 items                        Locator Kit – 2 items  (ACR PLB 2882 & ACR C-Strobe)

VHF/GPS Kit– 1 item (Standard Horizon VHF/GPS Radio)

This Pack Also Includes:

  • Cyalume Light sticks – 3 red and 3 green
  • Cyalume VisiPad – 2 Yellow
  • Cyalume PML – Green
  • Orion Air Horn
  • Datrex Food Rations – 3
  • Datrex Water Rations - 9
  • S.O.G. Stainless Multi Tool
  • Coast Guard approved Fishing Kit
  • Mariner F20 Desalination Pack
  • Princeton Tec Amp 1L -1
  • Princeton Tec Roam Headlamp - 1
  • Princeton Tec Impact XL - 1
  • RHEOS Floating Polarized Sunglasses
  • Ikaros Parachute Flares x 1
  • Orion Aerial Flares x 2, Orion Handheld Smoke Signal x 2, SkyBlazer II flares x 4 and 2 Orion Dye Markers
  • Adventure Medical 300 Marine First Aid Kit plus Sun Block, Insect Repellent, Hand Sanitizer, Moist Towelletes
  • SWAT Tourniquet
  • Waterproof / Windproof lighter with battery pack
  • Solar Panel Charger with Battery Pack

Plus, a lot more

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