Hydra Multi-Connection Marine Battery Terminals


  • 3-Terminal and 5-Terminal configurations available
  • Easily Manage Individual Connections at the Battery
  • Lead-Free, Marine-Grade Zinc Construction
  • Zinc Terminal Provides Improved Conductivity
  • Superior Resistance to Corrosion
  • Stainless Steel Connections
  • Color-Coded Insulated Wing Nuts

Multi-Connection Battery Terminal Instructions

  • Use care when dealing with electrical circuits, misuse may cause injury. 
  • Do not over tighten wing nuts, hand tighten only
  • Turn off electronics before connecting/disconnecting
  • Improved conductivity over lead without negative health effects
 OEM/Bulk Description Distributor Packaged
HYBT-3 HYDRA Battery Terminal Multiplier 3-Way HYBT-3-DP
HYDRA Battery Terminal Multiplier 5-Way

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