EZ Pump Advanced Water Pick-Up System


Provides Water to Aerator Pump Pickup While Underway

This unique Patented item from T-H Marine solves the problem of providing water to the aerator pump and livewells while on plane and underway. Simply remove the screen and nut from the pump intake on the outside of the transom and install the slide plate over the tube. Replace the nut and slide the mount even with the bottom of the transom. Install the EZ Pump™ housing over the mount. EZ Pump™ scoops water and maintains a source of supply to the aerator pump. Simple yet effective. Three sizes fits most applications. Pick the size that will allow you to completely cover the pump intake (including the nut) and be able to slide unit to the bottom edge of the boat. Three sizes in either black, white or sand.

  • UV Stable and Rust Resistant
  • 3 Sizes Fits Most Installations
  • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Running Hoses
  • Screen and Pick-up All in One
  • Gives the Tournament Angler an Edge Over the Competition
  • Upgrade Your Present System Inexpensively
  • Keep Fish and Bait Alive Longer
  • Active Bait Gets You More Strikes
  • Prevents Livewell System Air Lock
  • Hassle Free Livewell Operation
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Fish in Stealth Mode
  • Patented

Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 50/Box
Packaged – 12/Box

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
EZ-BLK-1 EZ Pump - Black - 4-3/4" Long EZ-BLK-1-DP
EZ-BLK-2 EZ Pump - Black - 3-3/8" Long EZ-BLK-2-DP
EZ-SND-1 EZ Pump - Sand - 4-3/4" Long EZ-SND-1-DP
EZ-WHT-1-DP EZ Pump - White - 4-3/4" Long EZ-WHT-1-DP
EZ-WHT-2-DP EZ Pump - White - 3-3/8" Long EZ-WHT-2-DP

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