Boating Essentials 2' POG


This Planogram includes 2 of each SKU listed below:

BE-AN-50910-DP Mushroom Anchor Kit- 10lb Coated Anchor- 5/16" X 50' PP Anchor Line with Hook 
BE-CO-52809-DP Dock line 3/8" x 15' Hand Spliced 3-Strand Nylon White, w/12" eye splice
BE-CO-52924-DP Dock Line 3/8"X15' Solid Braid MFP  Webbing, Black with larger webbing & 12" eye splice
BE-CO-53636-DP Anchor Line 1/4"x50' Hollow Braided Polypropylene (PP) Anchor Line with big safety hook, 2-tone color: White/Blue
BE-EL-51008-DP Battery Clips 15 Amp Pair 
BE-EL-51300-DP Toggle Boot Black
BE-EL-51302-DP Kill Switch coiled universal lanyard w (7) keys
BE-EL-51306-DP Toggle Switch On/Off 
BE-EL-51347-DP Portable Clamp on LED Bow / All-Round light Kit  PMS Cool Gray housing w/2 clamps w/clear logo label
BE-EL-51352-DP Rocker Quick Click Switch On/Off
BE-EL-51404-DP Fuse Holder In-Line Waterproof W/20 Amp Fuse
BE-EL-51416-DP Power Socket 12 Volt wCover 15AMP    
BE-FU-53074-DP Gen III Universal Primer Bulb 5/16" & 3/8" EPA APPROVED
BE-FU-53076-DP Gen III Fuel Line EPA APPROVED BULB and HOSE Universal 3/8"x 7' (390 PBA)
BE-FU-53204-DP Mercury Female  2-Prong 3/8" Hose Barb (482MFC)
BE-FU-53206-DP Johnson/Evinrude Female 2-Prong (480PFC), 3/8" OMC Q/C With SS Ball and Viton O=ring, 3 barbs. 
BE-FU-53208-DP Yamaha Fitting Female 2-Prong (481YFC), 3/8" Yamaha Q/C With SS Ball And Viton O-ring, 3 barbs. 
BE-FU-53307-DP Motor Flusher Large Rectangular PVC no quick fitting
BE-GE-38015-DP Drink Holder Fold-Up White w/SS mounting screw ABS, 8 pcs/PDQ with color label
BE-GE-38016-DP Drink Holder Fold-Up Blk w/SS mounting screw ABS, 8 pcs/PDQ with color label
BE-GE-52311-DP Letter Kit Block 3" Blk with dash code label
BE-GE-52615-DP Oil Mixing Bottle
BE-HA-54036-DP Cleat 4 1/2" Nylon Blk 
BE-HA-54110-DP Eye Strap SS Pr 
BE-HA-54330-DP Safety Spring Hook 3-1/8" Plated
BE-HA-54340-DP Eye Snap Swivel 3 3/4" Brass
BE-HA-55032-DP Shackle Anchor 5/16" Galvanized (Pin 3/8") (Safe work load 550 / breaking strength 1650 lbs)
BE-PA-56006-DP Paddle Mini 22"-42" Telescopic paddle 0.8T in PMS102C yellow w/1-color logo w/logo
BE-PL-54802-DP Drain Snap Plug 1" SS
BE-PL-54804-DP Drain Twist Plug 1" SS 
BE-PL-54836-DP Garboard Plug Only Brass (Shinny)
BE-PL-54837-DP Garboard Plug Kit Brass (Shinny)
BE-PL-54842-DP Drain Snap Plug 1" Brass
BE-PL-54844-DP Drain Twist Plug 1" Brass
BE-PL-54850-DP Bailer/Baitwell Plug 1/2" Brass PR
BE-PL-54854-DP Bailer/Baitwell Plug 5/8" Brass PR 
BE-PL-57202-DP Hose Clamp All SS 1/4" to 5/8" Pr
BE-PL-57204-DP Hose Clamp All SS 3/8" to 7/8" Pr
BE-PL-57412-DP Bilge Pump 600 GPH 
BE-PL-57438-DP Bilge Pump Float Switch 
BE-SA-58300-DP Whistle Safety Basic - Orange
BE-TR-59395-DP Trailer Wire Adapter 7-Round to 5 Flat
BE-TR-59810-DP Transom Tie Down Straps 2"x48" Pr 
BE-TR-59818-DP Winch Strap 2"x20' (meet 5000 lbs breaking strength)

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