Atlas Awards Registration

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  1. Add your registration to your cart above and check out
    You'll receive an Atlas Awards hat and decal
  2. Put the Atlas Awards Decal on your boat
  3. Fish in a sanctioned tournament
    Not sure if the tournament you're in is Atlas Awards Sanctioned? Check this list
  4. Wear the Atlas Hat at weigh in and take a picture
  5. Did you place FIRST in the tournament?
    Take pictures of your products on your boat. You will need to have them to complete your registration form 
  6. Fill out the Atlas Awards registration form using the "Atlas Awards" link on your T-H Marine account page. 
  7. After you've been approved, fill out a claims form on your account page here
    This is also where you can monitor the status of your claims
  8. Earn product credits and receive a higher payout
    Not sure what products are Atlas Awards approved? Check out eligible products below to see how much winning potential you have


T-H Marine Supplies Inc. is excited to announce the return of the Atlas Awards Program for the 2022 tournament fishing season! T-H Marine will award cash prizes to Atlas Awards members who are the winners or highest qualifying finisher of sanctioned events with a 50 boat minimum, giving everyone the opportunity to win like the top-level pros!

The Atlas Awards program is only $29.99 for a one year membership and gives all anglers the chance to compete for, and win, extra money just for having T-H Marine parts on their boat. This also includes one (1) Atlas logo hat and two (2) logo decals. Logo decal on boat and jersey must be worn on stage. Jersey logo can be replaced with Atlas cap.


1 Point = $20 cash, or $50 in store credit at

If an ATLAS Awards member does not win the event, T-H Marine will pay $100 to the highest finishing member inside the top 10%. The finishers in the top 20% will win $50. To receive the highest finisher award, member must own an ATLAS Hydraulic Jack Plate and fill out claim form. ALL claims must be submitted within 30 days of tournament win at Tournament must be sanctioned.