T-H Marine Pro Staff

T-H Marine Pro Staff

Atlas Awards

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the biggest names in fishing and maximize your payouts from each tournament, our Atlas Awards Contingency Program is MUST. T-H Marine awards cash prizes to Atlas Awards members who are the winners or highest qualifying finishers of sanctioned events, giving everyone the opportunity to win like the top-level pros!

Brand Ambassador

Looking to get involved with T-H Marine as a brand ambassador? We are accepting applications online at We are looking for tournament anglers who fish as boaters for regional and national tournaments.

Pro Staff Program

Spanning the tournament trails for bass, walleye, and redfish, this team has grown to 109 professional anglers who will represent T-H Marine in tournament trails across the U.S.

Our pro staff team includes anglers from Australia, Canada, Japan, and 19 states within the U.S. It includes both rising stars and seasoned favorites who have officially represented T-H Marine for years, and we're proud of how they represent our brand.