Chances are, you probably recognize products from T-H Marine and various T-H Marine companies. From the first product to bear the name T-H Marine to the variety of products (and services) we offer today, we're proud of where we've been and how we've grown.

It all started with T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., which has been serving the marine industry since 1975. We are a family owned and operated corporation that takes pride in every product that leaves our factory. We are boaters and fishermen who design products for boaters and fishermen.

We are constantly striving to develop new and innovatiove products to offer our OEM and After-Market customers and to bring these products to market faster than any other manufacturer. We have a long term commitment to providing quality products, excellent customer service, fast and accurate shipping, and competitive prices. We are always easy to do business with.

We are a leading manufacturer of boat parts and boat accessories. Our products include boat performance items such as the original HOT FOOT™ throttle, and the best outboard jack plates in the market, including our ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plates, Z-LOCK™ manual jack plates and HI-JACKER™ manual jack plates.

T-H Marine produces thousands of products in many categories, including outboard motor mounts, outboard tilt and trim, access hatches, deck plates, lid locks, deck hardware, livewell aeration, plumbing fittings, battery trays, fishing rod holders, boat lights, rigging accessories, trolling motor accessories, pontoon boat parts, and general boat accessories.

Our boat products are found on virtually every recreational boat built in the United States: including bass boats, pontoon boats, runabouts, ski boats, deck boats, offshore fishing boats, flats boats, aluminum fishing boats, and center console boats. You can find our products in retail outlets throughout the world.

T-H Marine thanks each of our customers for your continued business and asks others to give us a chance at being your supplier.

T-H Marine Supplies, LLC

T-H Marine is the parent of our family of manufacturing companies. We are headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. T-H Marine is a Tier 1 boat accessory manufacturer that supplies product to virtually every boat manufacturer in the United States and many abroad. T-H Marine products are also available through every boat parts distributor and boat dealer in the United States. Aftermarket parts are also available through all major marine retail chains and catalogs.

Innovative Plastics, Inc.

Innovative Plastics is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-H Marine. Innovative is located in Madison, Alabama. Innovative was purchased by T-H Marine in 1999. Innovative is a manufacturing company, specializing in custom plastic injection molding, injection mold building, and contract manufacturing. Innovative produces custom products for companies in a large variety of industries, including automotive, recreational boating, consumer products, medical equipment, electronics, outdoor products, sporting goods, toys, pool and spa, and various industrial equipment markets.


CMC Marine, Inc.

CMC Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-H Marine. CMC is located in Duncan, Oklahoma. CMC was formed in 2008, when T-H Marine purchased they assets of Cook Manufacturing Corporation. CMC is a manufacturing company, specializing in machined metal products and hydraulic actuators. CMC produces products for the marine industry, the oilfield industry, and industrial hydraulic markets.


N A M E   H E R E

BHP — started out with a simple goal, to make boating less expensive.

By manufacturing most of their products, they have been able to make boating more affordable while making themselves different than the other guys.

Under's Norestar™ brand, they have committed to providing the best products for the best prices to all fishing, boating, and yachting enthusiasts. With the Komo Covers® brand, they specialize in manufacturing covers to help keep your Vehicle, Boat, RV, and many other investments safe!

Encompassing Norestar™, Komo Covers®, and, BHP Marine, LLC is T-H Marine Supplies, LLC. Founded in 2003, BHP and its companies are fulfilled within the U.S.