Pro Staff Gear

Once you’ve placed your order for gear installed by your boat manufacturer, make sure you pick up pro staff gear shipped directly to your home. Select from a wide variety of T-H Marine products you’ll need for the next tournament season.

The ELIMINATOR Prop Nut is built to make your trolling motor perform better, longer, and quieter. Designed to lessen prop noise and vibration, The ELIMINATOR Prop Nut stabilizes the prop by providing a larger contact point. In addition, it acts as a heat sink and has built-in cooling ports that reduce the operating temperature for longer battery and trolling motor life.

The G-Force SILENCER™ is a simple trolling motor modification that can help extend the life of your investment and improve function. Custom cut to fit both Motorguide and Minn Kota trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™ creates a soft padded surface on your trolling motor mount that eliminates abrasive metal-on-metal contact. In addition to extending the life of trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™ also quiets the harsh “clanking” noise associated with pulling your trolling motor out of the water. Protect your investment with the simple and quick addition of the T-H Marine G-Force SILENCER™.

A must-have for anglers who spend a lot of time in heavily vegetated areas, the Grass Goat is an aftermarket cutting-tool for your trolling motor that slices through vegetation and keeps your trolling motor clear of debris.

The G-Force Troll Jacket is a 2mm neoprene trolling motor wire and cable organizer. With the Troll Jacket, you can protect your trolling motor cables with ease!

The Troll Perfect™ provides adjustable tension to control the effects of motor steering torque, high waves, heavy current, and excessive foot pedal play.

G-Juice is not only a convenient liquid, but also a single phase, full-function water conditioner for use in freshwater and saltwater. G-Juice should be used when conditioning water entering the livewell, bait tanks, minnow buckets, and in fish transport situations

The G-Force Conservation Cull System is our non-penetrating clip system that includes a balance beam and six numbered buoys. With the Conservation Cull System, you can have quicker culling and more fishing time!

The G-Force EQUALIZER™ trolling motor list assist system is a great way to offset the added weight of StructureScans and Hydrowaves, so your time on the water is as comfortable as possible.

The Troll-Tamer™ Trolling Motor Stabilizer Lock is designed to securely hold the trolling motor in place to prevent damage to the trolling motor and boat. No more worries about inadequate hold down devices, the Troll-Tamer™ Trolling Motor Stabilizer Lock has been designed and tested in the nastiest conditions by top touring pros.

Constructed from lead-free, marine-grade zinc and stainless steel connections, the Hydra provides improved conductivity, superior resistance to corrosion, and clear terminal identification with color-coded, insulated wing nuts. When you have the Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier, you can manage all your battery connections and boat wiring with ease.

The Steer Stop keeps outboards equipped with hydraulic steering from "wandering" when trailering. Units clip onto hydraulic steering rams on either side of outboard to keep engine straight and prevent damage to motor supports. The cord then keeps units together when stowed and aids removal.

The Tackle Titan Lure Hangar is a magnetic tackle management system that changes the way you fish! It features two units with five super magnets on each unit. The two units work as a pair to hold lures at any angle, and keep them safe, secure, and conveniently located. Mount the Tackle Titan Lure Hanger to the inside of a storage compartment, to a sidewall, or under a hatch, and keep your lure collection handy at all times.

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Protects bow-mounted electronics from extreme conditions.

The KVD KONG electronics mount is an extreme electronics mount. The KONG is the only electronics mount truly designed and built to give a rock solid, no movement mount for the largest and heaviest marine electronics.

Make sure you get a HydroWave if you didn’t already select to have one installed by your boat manufacturer.

Make sure you get a HydroWave if you didn’t already select to have one installed by your boat manufacturer.

If you didn’t get a Loc-R-Bar Alarm System installed by the manufacturer, we’d recommend this, too.

Lastly, our Two-Way Alarm System is the best option out there to protect your boat and your gear. Several pros even have personal stories about how it saved them from theft at tournaments. If you didn’t select a manufacturer install of our alarm system, be sure to add it on now.