T-H Marine's O2 Marine Technologies is the manufacturer of the
industry's leading livewell oxygenation system: The OXYGENATOR™.

The OXYGENATOR™ uses a patented process to create 100% pure oxygen from the water itself. Incorporating an extremely efficient system, The OXYGENATOR™ separates the water molecules into their elemental parts: Hydrogen and Oxygen. The lighter hydrogen molecules rapidly leave the water and dissipate into the atmosphere. The heavier oxygen molecule remains suspended until it dissolves in the water. In fact, the oxygen bubble is so tiny, it cannot break the surface tension of the water. As a result, the percentage of dissolved oxygen in the water increases dramatically!

To compliment this system the G-Juice - formerly U2 Fish Formula - line of products was developed to prevent baitfish and valuable catches from dying. The G-Juice formulation was developed from over 15 years of research spent in the bait fish, fish transporting, and sport fishing industries. G-Juice is not only a convenient liquid, but also a single phase full functional water conditioner for use in fresh water and salt water. G-Juice should be used when conditioning water entering the live well, bait tanks, minnow buckets and in fish transport situations.

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T-H Marine Oxygenator G-Juice 2015 Jeff Huntley commercial

T-H Marine Oxygenator G Juice Jeff Huntley 2014 commercial