HydroWave Technology

Lateral Reactive Technology

LRT is a vibration wave technology that operates at a frequency level that stimulates a predatory response through a fish’s lateral line. As with any predator, fish are stimulated to the presence of prey. A fish is stimulated primarily through its lateral line. The lateral line is naturally tuned to detect low frequency (1 – 80 Cycles) vibrations created by small prey such as shad, herring, minnows and others. The Lateral Reactive Technology of the HydroWave produces these vibrations in patterns that create a predatory response.

Vibration Reactive Technology

VRT is a vibration wave that operates at a frequency that stimulates a predatory response from fish through their inner ear. Contrary to popular belief, most fish do have ears. The fish ear is not like the human ear. Instead of funneling sound like a human, a fish ear consists of dense bones under the skin that detect and translate vibration. This vibration detection is so accurate that a bass is completely able to differentiate between vibrations of prey and other sources. This explains the reason behind how blind and visually impaired fish are able to continue to feed. The bottom line is that natural vibrations will elicit feeding responses from predatory fish where unnatural vibrations will not.

Vibration Patterns Used

The vibration patterns are that of natural sources of prey. Minnow’s, shad, herring and schooling bass fry are the primary vibration patterns. Other vibration patterns resemble water displacement associated with feeding or schooling fish. This pattern is most important in stimulating the competitive nature of the fish along with the instinctual schooling signals.

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Compact Design

One key to the HydroWave is its compact design. In today’s boat there is no room for bulky electronics. Space is valuable and the HydroWave was designed to take up as little as possible. At a mere 4”x4”s the space needed for mounting the HydroWave is minimal and will have no impact on the usable space on the deck.

If you have room on your boat for your IPhone then you'll have room for the HydroWave control unit.

SD Card Slot

The HydroWave comes standard with an SD card slot to be later used with pre-programmed sounds. Additional proven sounds and sequences will become available for upgrade based on continued efforts of HydroWave’s scientist’s’ field data collection.

Impedance Free Speaker Operation

The HydroWave speaker is a true Omni Directional speaker. The sound is not impeded or distorted by the trolling motor housing or rotating propeller. The Omni Directional sound output truly disperses sound in an even pattern and wavelength unaffected by the directional rotation of the trolling motor lower unit. Precision output is key and precision output is what the HydroWave speaker system delivers.

Frequency Amplification System

The HydroWave has a patented Frequency Amplification System that cannot be found in any other speaker system. Amplification is specifically targeted to the volumes and frequencies associated with Tactile Sound Transmission.

One Year Warranty

The HydroWave carries with it a 1 year limited warranty for product failure and manufacturing defects

User Friendly

Most marine electronics are filled with options the average fisherman will never use. The HydroWave is filled with functions that will catch fish, not fisherman. 5 primary push buttons control every function of the unit. Its ease of use will make it the least frustrating tool on your boat.

Mounting options

The HydroWave comes with two different mounting options. One is the typical bracket mount that easily mounts anywhere on your deck or console. The second mount is a high strength 3m Velcro mount that positions the unit flush to any surface.

Ease of Installation

Installation of the HydroWave is simply hooking up the unit to an accessory power source on your boat and plugging in the speaker. There are no complex electrical or mechanical installation requirements.

With the HydroWave there is no need to program sounds. All of the important sounds and sound loops are at your fingertips. Pick the pattern and hit play. Duration options are Continuous Play or 30 Second Delay.

Water Proof Construction

The HydroWave unit is completely waterproof. The functionality of the HydroWave will not be affected by any elements, rain or shine.

Shock Resistant

The HydroWave is constructed with the most durable of components. Extensive field testing was conducted to ensure flawless operation throughout the toughest of conditions.