Atlas Awards Information

T-H Marine Supplies Inc. is excited to announce the return of the Atlas Awards Program for the 2018 tournament fishing season! T-H Marine will award cash prizes to Atlas Awards members who are the winners or highest qualifying finisher of sanctioned events, giving everyone the opportunity to win like the top-level pros!

The Atlas Awards program is just $29.99 for a one year (Jan. 1, 2018 – Dec. 31, 2018) membership and gives all anglers the chance to compete for, and win, extra money just for having T-H Marine parts on their boat. This also includes one T-H Marine hat and 2 logo decals.

For 2018 the payouts have been restructured to give more opportunity to anglers fishing smaller tournaments. The payouts below will be for EVERY tournament, regardless of size (50-boat minimum). So Many Ways To Win! Please see official rules for more details.

Each item is valued by credits, one credit is worth $25 in cash, or $50 in store credit. Find more information on sanctioned events, eligible products, and how to submit claims here.

2018 Payouts

Total Possible winnings - $1,400 or $2,800 Store Credit

Each credit is worth $25 cash, or $50 in store credit (

1. Conservation Culling System - 1 Credit

2. G-Force Trolling Motor Handle - 1 Credit

3. Two-Way Alarm - 1 Credit

4. Cooks Go-To Tackle System - 1 Credit

4. Wave Tamer - 2 Credits

5. HotFoot - 2 Credits

6. Loc-R-Bar - 2 Credits

7. Troll Tamer - 2 Credits

8. Oxygenator - 2 Credits

9. Eliminator - 1 Credit

10. YoloTek - 2 Credits

11. KVD Kong Mini - 2 Credits

12. KVD Kong Mount - 3 Credits

13. Hydrowave H2 - 4 Credits

14. Atlas Series Hydraulic Jack Plates - 10 Credits





2018 Sanctioned Events

  • ABA 100% PLUS Team Tour
  • ABA American Fishing Tour Championship
  • ABA Ray Scott Championship
  • ABA Ram Open Series Qualifiers
  • ABA Ram Open Series Regionals
  • AC Tournament Trail
  • AIM Pro Walley Series
  • Airport Marine Trail
  • Alabama Bass Trail Championship
  • Alabama Bass Trail Qualifiers
  • Arkansas Bass Team Trail
  • B.A.S.S Federation Nation Championship
  • Bass Champs
  • BASS Champs Championship (All Divisions)
  • Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters
  • Bassmaster College Fishing
  • Bassmaster Opens
  • Big Bass Tour (Final Standings)
  • Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Trail
  • BoatUS College Series
  • Cashion Rods Tour
  • Central Pro Am
  • Central Pro Am Team Trail
  • Coosa River Team Trail
  • D&R Tournament Trail
  • Extreme Fishing League
  • Fishers Of Men National Championship (Team and Legacy)
  • Fishers Of Men Regular Season
  • FLW College Fishing
  • FLW Outdoors TBF Championship
  • FLW Costa Series
  • Walleye Federation
  • Masters Walleye Circuit
  • Cabelas National Team Championship
  • Outlaw OutDoors
  • Trifecta Series

  • Carolina Anglers Team Trail

  • Carolina's Bass Challenge

  • Mutiny Bass Anglers

  • IFA Redfish Championship
  • IFA Redfish Tour
  • Ignition Bass
  • Illini Team Trail
  • Indiana BASS Federation Invitational
  • Media Bass
  • Morristown Marine Team Trail
  • National Walleye Tour
  • Nichols Marine Trail
  • Northern Open Anglers Association
  • Ohio Mega Bass Trail
  • Paycheck Tournament Series
  • Piedmont Bass Classics
  • Platinum Texas Team Trail
  • Power Pole FL Pro Redfish
  • Pride of the South
  • Priority Fishing James River Tournaments
  • Roland Martion Marine Center Series
  • Sealy Big Bass Splash (Final Standings)
  • Skeeter Owners Tournament
  • Sportsman Marine Trail
  • Sylacauga Marine Trail
  • Team Bass Xtreme
  • Texas Team Trail
  • Texas Team Trail Qualifiers and Championship
  • Texas Tournament Zone
  • The X Series Trail
  • Toyota Owners Tournament
  • Trader Bill’s Team Trail
  • Triton Owners Tournament
  • T-H Marine BFL All-American
  • T-H Marine BFL Qualifiers
  • T-H Marine BFL Regionals Wild West Tournament Trail
  • Ozark Mountain Bass Trail
  • The Bass Federation
  • North American Bass Circuit
  • National Bass Anglers Association
  • Collins Inc. Bass For Cash Series

  • BASS Nation (With 50+ boats)

Atlas Awards Official Rules

Registration for Atlas Awards must be done prior to any sanctioned tournament or event.

If you sign up the evening of tournament pairing/meeting, the Tournament Director or T-H Marine representative must sign and date for it to be valid. Payment must be postmarked by the following Monday.

Membership costs $29.99 and lasts from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

Angler must be the owner of any or all of the following T-H Marine products which must be on the boat used during sanctioned event:

  • Hot Foot
  • G-Force Trolling Motor Handle
  • Two Way Boat Alarm
  • Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate,
  • Loc-R-Bar
  • Troll-Tamer
  • Oxygenator
  • Wave Tamer
  • KVD Kong and Kong Mini
  • Hydrowave H2
  • Conservation Culling System
  • Eliminator Prop Nut
  • YoloTek (Any Power Stick)
  • Cooks Go-To Tackle System
  • Atlas Jack Plate

Event must have 50 boats minimum to be a sanctioned event.

Winners must be verified through the tournament organization via website, official organization publication or tournament director.

All Atlas Awards claims must be submitted within 30 days of tournament win.

Atlas Awards custom decal must be visible on the boat. (windshield, outside gunnel, etc.)

Atlas Awards logo or patch must be worn during competition and weigh-in. Logo must be visible on the tournament jersey.

Only T-H Marine Product owner qualifies for contingency in sanctioned TEAM events. One payout per team.

Participants must meet all rules and requirements to be eligible for Atlas Awards.

T-H Marine reserves the right to request photographic evidence of part ownership AND use at any time. Failure to provide photographic evidence will result in disqualification in the Atlas Awards program.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing and payout. In store credit is only valid on and will be issued via email.

Atlas Awards winners will be responsible for paying all taxes on contingency earnings.

All decisions on eligibility and payment made by T-H Marine on the Atlas Awards program will be FINAL.

Each credit is worth $25 in cash, or $50 in store credit.

Atlas Awards purchased with a gift card issued by T-H Marine for promotional purchases are invalid.

Highest Finisher Awards

If an Atlas Awards member does not win the event, T-H Marine will pay $100 to the highest finishing Atlas Awards member inside the top 10. The finishers from 11th to 20th will win $50.

To receive highest finisher award, Atlas Awards member must own Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate and fill out claim form.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up online at or at sanctioned tournaments.

Winners will be verified through the tournament organization. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of tournament win. Claim forms can be found at Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing and payouts.

  • AtlasTM Series Hydraulic Jack Plates
  • Hot FootTM
  • G-ForceTM Trolling Motor Handle
  • Two-way Boat Alarm
  • Loc-R-Bar
  • Troll-Tamer
  • Oxygenator
  • G-Force Eliminator
  • KVD Kong and Mini Kong Mount
  • Wave Tamer
  • Hydrowave H2
  • Conservation Culling System
  • YoloTek
  • Eliminator Prop Nut
  • Cooks Go-To Tackle System

Please see the previous tabs for events and payouts.

Please contact our Atlas Awards team at by March 31, 2018 to have your tournament trail considered as a sanctioned trail for 2017. Trails must have a minimum of six (6) tournaments and average 50+ boats to be considered eligible.

Previously, only T-H Marine product owners who finish in First Place in sanctioned events are eligible for payouts. New for this year, we also have the Highest Finisher Award, so if the tournament winner is not an Atlas Awards member, you can still receive payout . Only one payout per team is allowed.

The Grand Slam Bonus is an additional reward of 20 credits (equal to $500 cash, $1,000 in store credit) for having 30 credits or more participating T-H Marine parts on your boat.

The Atlas Awards decal has to be in a visible spot on either the windshield, outside gunnel or tow vehicle.

No, currently at this time co-anglers are not eligible for Atlas Awards

2018 Claims Form