Deck Lid Slam Latch

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Latch For Sun Decks

Thesun deck slam latchis a slam latch with pull release. Use it on sun deck hatches and platforms to keep sundeck or hatch latched. Simply pull the strap to release. The sun deck slam latch,with a loop strap, can be installed almost anywhere
on the deckside; it can even be incorporated into upholstery.
• Fast, easy installation
• Assembly includes striker and strap protector
• Orient the release in north or south orientatio
• Web Strap Pull Release with 32" Strap
• Unit Ships Complete with Striker
• Models to Orient in 2 Directions

When you want to mount and/or actuate a push-to-close latch from a variety of angles or locations, this deck lid slam latch provides loads of versatility. The substantially sized latch body tolerates strong pulling forces, and the remote latch actuation option helps keep latch points free from external hardware.

Product Features and Benefits

The basic push-to-close slide mechanism in this latch is enhanced with a strong body design and multiple latch and release options to create a versatile concealed latch solution for applications where smaller latches just don't work.

- Actuator strap ( 40" long) attaches at rear of latch but can be bent and routed to pull from various angles
- Actuator strap style assembly ships with loop strap release, angled strap protector, and latch striker
- Eyelet connection style provides an attachment point for a cable actuation system
- Strong body construction withstands greater pulling force for opening
- Latch bolts to inside of enclosure, out of sight
- All marine-grade material

Standard Pack:
OEM - Bulk 50/Box
Packaged - 12/Box

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
DLSL-1N Deck Lid Slam Latch - North DLSL-1N-DP
DLSL-1S Deck Lid Slam Latch - South
DLSL-1E Deck Lid Slam Latch- East
DLSL-1W Deck Lid Slam Latch- West

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