The Top 5 Supplies for Tournament Anglers on Hot Days

1. Livewell Treatment and Fish Care Formula

Hot days can be incredibly rough for tournament bass. Once they go in a livewell, water contaminants, heat, and wounds can be fatal, but there are a few tricks that can help reduce the risk.

Among the top methods anglers trust to keep fish alive is G-Juice, a specialty formula that treats both the water and the fish. In fact, anglers buy it again and again because it’s easy to use, it’s ultra-effective at neutralizing livewell contaminants, it counteracts the effects of heat and stress, and it helps fish heal.

Stock Up on G-Juice

T-H Marine Fishing G-Juice Freshwater Livewell Treatment and Fish Care Formula

2. Non-Puncture Cull Systems

More and more tournaments are requiring non-puncture culls. Instead, they’re moving to cull systems that clip on a bass’ mouth and hold on without causing damage that makes it hard for a bass to eat and recover later.

With this requirement becoming the standard, it’s a great idea to have some G-Force Conservation Cull Systems on hand.

Stock Up on G-Force Cull Systems

T-H Marine Fishing G-Juice Freshwater Livewell Treatment and Fish Care Formula

3. Cull Weights

As the perfect complement to the G-Force Conservation Cull System, G-Force Cull Weights easily clip onto cull clips so bass can overcome swim bladder issues. By keeping the bass from going belly up and combining these weights with the other recommendations here, anglers can significantly decrease gamefish morbidity.

Stock Up on Cull Weights

T-H Marine Supplies Conservation Cull Weights

4. Livewell Vents

Livewell vents are for customers who don’t mind a little DIY work, but they are probably the easiest livewell upgrade that anyone can do. Once an angler follows the instructions for punching the right-size hole in their livewell lid, they can properly vent their livewell and prevent it from becoming a toxic place for their fish.

Stock Up on Livewell Vents

T-H Marine Supplies Conservation Cull Weights

5. Oxygenation Systems

Oxygenation systems take a bit more work, but they’re still a great purchase for weekender DIYers. These systems add oxygen to livewell water so fish can breathe easier, especially on hot days, and that makes them incredibly valuable for tournament anglers.

Maybe your tackle shop caters to anglers who want every edge or maybe you do retrofit installation work — either way, the Oxygenator and Pro-Air System are two of the best oxygenation upgrades that you can offer.

Stock Up on Oxygenation Systems

T-H Marine Supplies Conservation Cull Weights