G-Force SILENCER Trolling Motor Vibration Pad



The G-Force SILENCER™ is a simple trolling motor modification that can help extend the life of your investment and improve function. Custom cut to fit both MotorGuide and Minn Kota trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™creates a soft padded surface on your trolling motor mount that eliminates abrasive metal-on-metal contact. In addition to extending the life of trolling motor mounts, the G-Force SILENCER™also quiets the harsh "clanking" noise associated with pulling your trolling motor out of the water. Protect your investment with the simple and quick addition of the T-H MarineG-Force SILENCER™.

- Extends life of trolling motor
- Reduces noise and vibration
- Eliminates metal-to-metal contact
- Prevents harsh clanking when stowing trolling motor
- Available in Red and Black
- Package will contain product for MotorGuide and Minn Kota


Product Name

Distributor Packaged


G-Force Equalizer™ Trolling Motor Vibration Pad - Black



G-Force Equalizer™ Trolling Motor Vibration Pads - Red


Customer Reviews

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Mike S.
Works very well

Bought this because of the squeaks I get at times while using my trolling motor, when I got it, I honestly didn't think it would work just because of what it is, but it works and no more squeaks while using my Fortrex. Awesome!!!!!

Rickey M.
It's the little things that count.

It's a simple concept and super easy to install. One of the most important things to me when fishing is being quiet. Most bass anglers use thier trolling motors more than any other piece of equipment but sometimes it can be the loudest. These little pads to me help form a tighter seal when the trolling motor is in down position thus taking out some of the vibration or rattling from the trolling motor bracket. I would definitely recommend using this inexpensive tool to better your fishing experience.

Wendell H.
My experience was great. I

My experience was great. I will be ordering again. Thanks

Works great!

I have a Minnkota Edge and it was really noisy on high. I ordered this and installed it and it made a big difference! No vibrating metal sounds! Very well worth the money!

David S.
G-Force SILENCER Trolling Motor Vibration Pad

For five bucks, I figured it was worth a try. I like when I lower the unit, I don't hear that clank of metal hitting metal. The spot where it belongs, you could see that the metal against metal was a problem and that there was some grinding going on, which would produce some noise.

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