T-H Marine Acquires Oxygenator™ Product Line

May 15, 2013

T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, is proud to announce the acquisition of the Oxygenator™ and U2 Pro Formula™ product line assets of O2 Marine Technologies, Inc. of Shorewood, Minnesota.

T-H Marine’s President and CEO, Jeff Huntley, stated “We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of the O2 Marine product line assets.  We have admired the work of Dennis Clark and O2 Marine team for many years and are proud to be able to add their great products to ours.  Dennis has worked hard building this business from scratch and we are thankful he is going to help us insure a smooth transition for our mutual customers.  It is just fantastic to be able to offer the entire O2 Marine product line to our customers and fisherman.  We have been a top supplier of plumbing components for boat livewell systems for many years, and this product line fits perfectly with our desire to help fishermen catch and keep more fish.”

Dennis Clark, president of O2 Marine stated, “I am very pleased that I am able to hand off these great fishing and conservation products to T-H Marine.  I know my many years of research and development in building these products and this business will be carried on with the T-H Marine team.  They are serious boaters and fishermen, and they can do great things to increase the availability and usage of the patented Oxygenator™ and the U2 Pro Formula™.  T-H Marine’s focus on quality products and excellent customer service are the main reasons I was willing to hand off my “baby” for them to continue the growth of, so I can move on to my next venture.”

Huntley stated that T-H Marine and O2 Marine have had many common customers and have both worked to improve survival of bait and sport fish in the recreational marine business for many years.  T-H Marine has been manufacturing parts and accessories for recreational boats since 1975.  O2 Marine was formed in 2006 by Dennis Clark to produce conservation products for baitwell and livewell systems.  Huntley said, “This is a rare opportunity for two product lines that are world leaders in different but associated categories to join together to help sport fishermen keep their bait and catch alive.  We will hold a very strong market leader position that will allow us to serve our customers even better.”

T-H Marine’s Huntley also stated, “T-H Marine has been very involved with sport fishing tournaments around the country and O2 Marine has been as well.  We expect this acquisition to strengthen our connection with the very important and exciting fishing tournaments.  Now we will have the world’s number one hydraulic jack plate brand, the ATLAS™, and the world’s number one livewell oxygen system, the Oxygenator™, available to offer the fishing and boating community. “