Replacement Boat Parts, Power Boxes, & More: Surprising Products Made by T-H Marine

Replacement Boat Parts, Power Boxes, & More: Surprising Products Made by T-H Marine

November 16, 2022

Many people know how T-H Marine makes game-changing products like the ATLAS® Jack Plate and the HOT FOOT®, but with thousands of parts in our catalog, boaters are bound to miss some good ones sometimes. It does pay to look out for them though, especially when you find yourself needing replacement boat parts, niche products, or even common gear that you can now one-stop-shop at

6 Products You Might Not Have Known Were Made by T-H Marine

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned boater, these products will help you get the most out of your fishing and other fun on the water.

1. OEM Replacement Boat Parts

If you have a boat made in the United States, there’s pretty much a certainty that it uses OEM parts made by T-H Marine. That means that when you need to replace an OEM part or you want to update or upgrade your boat to use popular OEM parts, you should check for them at T-H Marine.

Since these OEM replacement parts are made by a company that also has aftermarket performance in mind, you can be sure you’ll get the quality you need and have it all backed up by excellent customer service, too.

Here are a few popular examples:

2. The Money Pole Lure Retriever

Made of quality aluminum — not plastic like so many other lure retrievers — the Money Pole Lure Retriever is sturdy. It telescopes to 20 feet long so it can help you save expensive baits from watery depths, branches, and all kinds of places where you might get hung up.

Best of all, after a few saves, it really pays for itself.

3. The Bounce Buster Coaster

The bounce buster on your trolling motor gives it a sort of kick stand or leg to stand on when it's not deployed, but that can bang up or wear down the spot where it lands. For an easy and inexpensive solution that prevents such wear and tear, T-H Marine makes the bounce buster coaster.

Since it provides a neat landing spot for your bounce buster and additional cushion for your trolling motor, especially in rough waters, it’s regarded as both an important and underrated product.

4. Pedestal Base Plugs

When you take out the pedestal seat from the deck of your boat, there's a hole left behind where you’ll probably see accumulations of rain, dirt, baits, weights, and other unwanted stuff. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s definitely unsightly and inconvenient if you need to retrieve a hook or a piece of hardware down there, so T-H Marine makes the Pedestal Base Plug.

The Pedestal Base Plug is a simple, injection molded solution for covering that hole and easily uncovering it when needed. You just push the plug into place so it's flush with the deck and it holds tight. Then, when you need to take it out, you just pull out the circular part in the center, revealing a handle for pulling the entire piece out.

5. Cooler Mounting Kits

These are particularly useful on pontoons, deck boats, center consoles, and similar boats where you may have a cooler that isn't securely fastened into place.

Then, with the cooler neatly tied down, you won’t have it banging around during rough rides and sharp turns. You also won’t have to be concerned with it tipping open, slamming into barefoot passengers, or having to search for the more expensive types of replacement boat parts because a full cooler bashed into something.

6. 12 Volt Waterproof Battery Packs

Beyond replacement boat parts, T-H Marine has some awesome sleeper products, like this waterproof battery packKayak anglers and jon boat owners love these, but they’re also great for plenty of other boating, fishing, camping, and hunting activities, too.

The 12 Volt Waterproof Battery Pack is an incredibly easy to use, rechargeable unit that powers your electronics. With the accessories packed in and the button-controlled ports built into the side, you can power a long list of electronics, including fish finders, fishing lights, LED lights, phone chargers, and much more.

From Replacement Boat Parts to Boating Essentials, Remember to Start Your Search with T-H Marine

These products may not be the flashiest, but they’re great at what they do. Even better, many of them are made right here in the U.S. — all the more reason to start your search for products and tips right here at T-H Marine!