Outfitting a Duck Hunting Kayak: 8 Must-Haves to Rig it Right

Outfitting a Duck Hunting Kayak: 8 Must-Haves to Rig it Right

September 27, 2022

Do you have waterfowl in your sights this season? If you do, you probably already know how crucial waders are, but they can’t get you everywhere you need to go. Similarly, rowing can take you farther, but it can still be a challenge, not to mention the costs and upkeep when you want to add power to your jon boat. There is another popular option though: rigging a duck hunting kayak.

If you rig it right and follow advice like the tips outlined below, you’ll be able to easily set your spread, stake out your spot, and bag a limit.

Must-Have Gear for Any Duck Hunting Kayak

Kayaks are an amazingly versatile type of watercraft. That versatility makes them great for fishing and hunting as well as pleasure rides. They can provide optimal access to all kinds of areas on a body of water, they can be a low-key way to get good positioning where you’ll find both fish and fowl, and you don’t have to break the bank to outfit them either.

If you’re ready to get where the birds are with less effort and more stealth, here are eight ways to gear up your duck hunting kayak for success.

For a duck hunting kayak, removable hunting blinds are essential1. Removable Hunting Blinds

Blinds are second nature for any hunter trying to establish more cover and better camouflage. Kayak blinds take that same concept and add maximized mobility, stowability, and adaptability so you can convert your kayak into a duck hunting kayak.

For your best options with removable blinds, look for quality patterns and loops for adding natural cover, some structure to them (like a layout blind), flaps or doors that you can layer on or off, and easy access to important areas of the boat.

2. Gun Racks

It’s always important to put your gun in a safe and appropriate place and it’s especially important when you’re out on a kayak. For a duck hunting kayak, you’ll typically want your rifle low but adequately above the water. Also consider how your choice of rack provides shock resistance, a good hold, and the option to remove it when your kayak no longer needs to be outfitted for hunting.

3. LED Lights

There are many reasons to add LED lights to just about any boat, but safety and utility top the list for a duck hunting kayak. Oftentimes you’ll be out during times of low visibility, and the overall pattern of decreased natural light underscores the need for a quick and easy solution.

If you have a few led lights strips and utility lights installed strategically inside your kayak, you can quickly flip a switch to get a look at your gear. With the right lights, the nearby game birds might not even notice.

4. Paddle Holders

Since OEM paddle holders don’t always line up nicely with a hunting blind and they might not be right where you need them anyway, YakGear™ and Railblaza® make it easy and quick to put paddle clips just about anywhere. Simply install their innovative rail system and you can secure paddle clips, gun racks, action cameras, and a large variety of accessories.

5. Paddles

All paddles are not created equal and the Backwater Assassin Hybrid Paddle proves that. With an oversized and rugged build for optimal propulsion, serrated edges for pushing off of rough surfaces, and a hooked paddle for pulling up to brush and reeling in decoys, it’s truly a top-of-the-line paddle and the perfect match for any duck hunting kayak.

6. Outriggers

You might not need outriggers every time, but it’s a helpful option to add on if you hunt (or fish) from your kayak on big water, if you could use some extra stability, and if you want extra safety when it’s colder and the weather just isn’t as nice.

Like most of our suggestions here, outriggers don’t require professional installation, they don’t get in the way at all, and they tend to be easy to remove when you don’t need them.

7. Storage Crates

Whether you want a place for an advanced, divider storage system or you just need a catch-all spot for your shells, trash, and miscellanea, it can be helpful to have a crate at the back of your kayak. Many duck hunters will repurpose the crate they use for fishing, but the best system is the one that meets your storage needs, whether that’s a traditional crate, a dry storage option, or something else.

For a duck hunting kayak, few accessories make your life easier than a Railblaza kayak cart8. Kayak Carts

For one of the best ways that a kayak can shine when going hunting, look no further than how you can take your duck hunting kayak through off-the-beaten-paths and across challenging terrains. This is made even easier when you have the right cart system.

If you’d like to take advantage of features like big wheels, durable materials, optimal stowability, and an easy-to-clean design, consider the C-Tug from Railblaza®. Between the ease of strapping your kayak onto these carts and then the compact way they stow, you’ll no longer have to worry about backing up to a ramp or parking close to the water.

Shop Duck Hunting Kayak Accessories and Upgrades

Ready to use your kayak this duck hunting season? You won’t be missing much (if anything) when compared to using a jon boat and you can even go places that others can’t. Just consider the outfitting suggestions above and shop them below to get ready and get started.